You might remember the days when people wondered what should they do with their GB’s of data remaining on the cellular usage quota. Now, we have a different scenario where we lose track of how much GB of data we use on a regular basis (monthly or weekly). In this article, we will talk about the top apps available for both Android and iOS to monitor the mobile data usage.


Best Apps For Android To Monitor Mobile Data Usage

My Data Manager

my data manager

My Data Manager is a very useful app to monitor mobile data usage on Android devices. You can define a monthly limit of your cellular data usage and it will start counting how much of data is still unused.

You can look for the remaining mobile data quota in order to stay in the limits (without calling for shocking bills at the end of the month). The app presents a simple user interface. Not just track the mobile data usage but also get reminders when you have completed 90% of the data. You can also set a custom warning for when you want to be reminded about it.

My Data Manager even equips you to monitor a shared data plan across multiple devices. It even keeps track of the amount of data used up by each individual applications. So, you can find out the applications that account for a major mobile data usage and uninstall them (if you do not want that app!).


Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G Speed

traffic monitor

Traffic Monitor is an interesting app that lets you monitor your mobile data usage and WiFi data as well. It comes baked in with several other functionalities.

You can even have a look at the coverage map to know whether or not your network connectivity is good. If not, you can refer to the coverage map for a better signal. As an added bonus, you can measure the download and upload speeds of the Internet connection.

The app presents a separate section to display roaming data usage. Just specify your billing cycle and you are good to go.


Onavo Count – Data Usage

onavo count

Onavo Count is an impressive data usage considering its user interface in the first place. Similar to the others, it lets you set a monthly data cap limit and then get started tracking the cellular data usage.

Onavo Count also lets you add widgets on your home screen to help you keep track of the data usage without even launching the app. Based on the data they collect from all other users, you get to compare yourself with the others to know about something interesting.

Also, it lets you know about the apps that consume the major share of your mobile data. Indeed, this is one of the best apps to monitor mobile data usage.


Best Apps For iOS To Monitor Mobile Data Usage

DataMan Next

dataman next - mobile data usage track app

DataMan Next is a real simple app to track your data usage on the cellular network. It gives you real-time hourly stats as well.

You can add a widget to monitor mobile data usage without heading into the app. According to how you use, DataMan presents you a forecast data to warn you about your data usage.


My Data Manager

my data manager

My Data Manager is yet another impressive app available for iPhone to monitor mobile data usage. Similar to its Android offering, you get to monitor a shared plan, get real-time usage statistics, and get reminded through alerts when the data quota is about to be over.

With this installed, you can know which of the applications are consuming more mobile data. It is definitely something to have installed.




MobiStats is a pretty straightforward app with no widget functionality. You just head into the app to monitor mobile data usage.

It can record your mobile data usage in real-time as well.


Additional Info

There are a lot of apps at the Play Store and App Store to help you monitor the mobile data usage. However, the best way to monitor mobile data usage would be to utilize the tool which the carrier has to offer (if any).

The carrier’s app would be more accurate than other cellular data usage tracking apps. So, if it’s there, you should opt in to use it rather installing the 3rd party cellular usage data trackers.

Do you know of an amazing mobile data usage tracker other than what is mentioned above? Does your carrier offer a tool to track the mobile data usage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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