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How To Track Mobile Data Usage
You might remember the days when people wondered what should they do with their GB’s of data remaining on the cellular usage quota. Now, we have a different scenario where we lose track of how much GB of data we use on a regular basis (monthly or weekly). In this article, we will talk about the top apps available for both Android and iOS to monitor the mobile data usage.

AT&T throttles unlimited data user plans
AT&T has laid the smack down on customers who are attached to unlimited data plans, throttling them after they exceed 2GB in data usage for that particular financial month. AT&T customer John Cozen blogged, “I received a message during my last billing cycle, warning I was in the top 5% of my region and would experience reduced data speeds next time I reach that level of data use. I immediately […]

Verizon launches $10 "social" data plan for Blackberry Curve 3G
Verizon subscribers, if you own the Blackberry Curve 3G and you think your base data plan of $29.99 a month is too expensive, especially since all you do is send instant messages and browse Facebook, Verizon has a new plan for you in the form of a “social” data plan that will only cost you $10 a month.

Verizon's tiered data plans will not affect current customers
We want to be heralds of good news by letting all existing Verizon Wireless customers who are on an unlimited data plan that they will need not worry about getting cut off from that pipeline of data when July 7th rolls around. It seems that the different data plans with a cap on the limit before you pay more for each byte that you us will apply to new subscribers […]


T-Mobile offers free data for one year in honor of dads
To celebrate Father’s Day this year, T-Mobile USA has an offer which might just keep dads happy – we are looking at free data for one year, as long as you sign up on this coming June 18th for a new qualifying talk, text and data plan. Basically, this means you need not fret about running up sky high data fees whenever you surf the Internet on your smartphone, and […]

AT&T might offer a shared data plan
With many mobile devices these days sporting mobile data connectivity, it makes perfect sense for users to be more prudent with the kind of plans they sign up for with mobile carriers. After all, it isn’t exactly the best of times at the moment, hence anything that would help you stretch your dollar would go some way in keeping that smile on your face (and device connected to the Internet). […]

Verizon's Apple iPad 2 offers best bang for buck if you're a data hog
What’s the point of having an unlimited data plan if you don’t take full advantage of it? Folks who decide to bring home the iPad 2 might want to check out Verizon’s offer, since it seems (on paper) to deliver the best value for your hard-earned money. As you can see above, Verizon’s data plan is highlighted in red while AT&T’s plan is in blue, so do the math and […]

Virgin Mobile lowers cap for 'unlimited' data plan
You know how it is with mobile carriers – their unlimited data plan normally comes with an asterisk in its description, simply because you don’t get what you pay for, and the moment you hit a predetermined figure in your total data used, your connection will be throttled. Virgin Mobile has gone around quietly to reduce its ‘unlimited’ Broadband2Go mobile data plan at a 2.5GB cap while increasing its monthly […]

Cricket Muve Music plan set to rock your world
While love makes the world go round, music certainly adds another dimension and more depth to everyday life. Cricket knows this, and has announced the first wireless rate plan with unlimited music thrown into the mix as well, known as “Muve Music” where it was specially designed for cell phone users. You pay $55 monthly for unlimited full track downloads, unlimited ringtones, and unlimited ringback tones, not to mention unlimited […]

Virgin Mobile offers 1GB data plan for $20
Got $20 to spare each month? You might want to consider chanelling that kind of money to Virgin Mobile’s 1GB data plan as part of its Broadband2Go offerings. This will be a Walmart exclusive, and will sit comfortably between the company’s $10, 100MB and $40, unlimited monthly data options. According to a Virgin Mobile representative, “Today Virgin Mobile launched an exclusive $20 Broadband2Go mobile broadband plan available only at Walmart […]

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against T-Mobile's Unlimited Data Claims
A class action lawsuit has been filed in California, claiming that T-Mobile deceptively marketed its data plans as unlimited, while capping the data at 5 or 10 gigabytes before blocking off access to the 3G network and reducing the data transfer speeds. The complaint also mentions that the plaintiff purchased T-Mobile phones that required him to agree to a two-year contract, but there was no mention of a data cap […]

AT&T issues statement on slow upload issue
Remember word on the possibility of AT&T capping their data uploads yesterday? Well, AT&T has just issued an official statement concerning the issue where you can read all about it below. AT&T and Alcatel-Lucent jointly identified a software defect — triggered under certain conditions – that impacted uplink performance for Laptop Connect and smartphone customers using 3G HSUPA-capable wireless devices in markets with Alcatel-Lucent equipment. This impacts less than two […]

New AT&T Data Plan Offers iPhone Tethering
AT&T has introduced two new wireless data plans that will go into effect on June 7th, one of which offers iPhone tethering. While this is probably a good thing to many subscribers out there, folks who are used to unlimited data plans will notice that they have disappeared, and that includes the $29.99 unlimited plan for the iPad. There is some good news for existing iPad users, though, if you’re […]

AT&T to force new Smartphone customers to get a data plan?
According to a leaked AT&T memo, the company is preparing to force all new smartphone contract to feature a data plan, which usually almost doubles the monthly price. Here’s how AT&T is presenting it internally: Why we are making this change?We want our customers to have the best possible experience with their Smartphones. A predictable bill is a key factor in customer satisfaction, so effective September 6, 2009 Smartphone customers […]

Adam Savage Gets AT&T To Retract a $11k Bill. What About You and I?
Mythbusters’ Adam Savage recently visited Canada, where he used his mobile data connection for “a few hours”. The roaming charges invoice came in at $11k. Not surprisingly, Adam Savage is stunned as he claims to have simply browsed the web, without downloading any (large) files. To fight AT&T, he decides to take it to Twitter (he has 65k followers at the time of publishing).As wireless carriers are among the most […]