Is the Default Android keyboard getting on your nerves? Are you tired of the laggy input of your Android device? Fret no more because you can replace your slow and old keyboard with a powerful and fabulous keyboard for free. It doesn’t matter what type of user you are because we bring you all the best keyboards for Android that cater to all kinds of users. Grammar buff? Check. GIF Enthusiast? Check. Sticker & Emoji lover? Check.

If you are looking for the best keyboard for your Android device, then take a look at the top 5 Android keyboards below.

1/ Swiftkey Keyboard


Swiftkey Keyboard is frequently dubbed as the magical Android keyboard because of its always correct suggestions. It constantly learns about your writing style to give you accurate suggestions during texting and chat. It syncs with your email accounts to find out more about how you write and shows predictions accordingly. With over 250 million downloads, Swiftkey is one of the most popular keyboards available for Android.

Swiftkey lets you customize the size and feel of the keyboard, and you can even select your preferred themes to give it a personal touch. Swiftkey Flow feature lets you swipe through the keyboard to write sentences, but it’s not as accurate as dedicated swiping keyboards like Swype. The best thing about Swiftkey keyboard is the fact that it’s entirely free, so there’s no loss in giving it a try.

2/ GO Keyboard – Emoji, Wallpaper

GO Keyboard

If you are more like a guy or girl who prefers cool new stickers and emojis in your conversations, then you are going to love the GO Keyboard app. This keyboard focuses on bringing you the coolest fonts and beautiful stickers so you can add extra flair to your texts.

GO Keyboard also offers basic features like auto-correct and predictions, but the primary purpose of this keyboard is to add beauty to your chats. You can even buy new theme packs, stickers, and fonts via in-app purchases. Supports more than 60 languages from around the world so you will almost always have your native keyboard no matter where you live.

3/ Ginger Keyboard – Emoji & More


Ginger Keyboard is like the Swiss-knife of Android keyboards because it delivers all the basic features along with advanced ones in one package. Spell-checker, Grammar-checker, Stickers, Emojis, Themes, Animated GIFs, and even in-app games to keep you entertained when you are waiting for a text. This keyboard offers everything and anything you would ever want from an Android keyboard.

For English speakers, the Ginger Page feature lets you check your text for any grammatical, punctuation issues and suggests the correct sentence structure for your writing. It completely revamps and rephrases your text to give you alternative sentences that convey the same meaning. Best of all, you can play games like Pong, 2048, etc. without having to leave your keyboard.

4/ Swype Keyboard


The keyboard that taught us all how to write complete sentences without having to lift our finger. No more typing because Swype lets you swipe your finger over the keyboard to form words and sentences. Just take your finger from one letter to another to from your desired word. You can also use the old-school “tap to type” feature but gliding your finger over the keyboard to write longer sentences is just a breeze.

Customize your Swype Keyboard with exclusive themes. You can even use the voice typing feature that is powered by Dragon Dictation; one of the best speech recognition technologies on Android.

5/ Fleksy + GIF Keyboard


Respond to texts with a quirky GIF animation, the sender, may not find it amusing, but you are going to enjoy it. Fleksy Keyboard is all about delivering the best GIF animations for all types of messages. You can search for specific animated GIFs and send them to your friends and family for an interactive conversation.

Fleksy only lacks the support for swipe typing, but it still makes up for it with hundreds of fabulous stickers and beautiful themes to customize your experience. Customize your keyboard with powerful extensions that add even extra functionality to this keyboard.

If you are looking for a minimalist experience and a lightweight keyboard, then Google Keyboard should serve you well. It does not offer all the quirky features of the keyboards as mentioned above, but it gets the job done.

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