If you have an Android phone, you can access tons of weather apps that will keep you updated 24/7. Each app has its own unique features and offers information in a different way.


To help you with your decision, we have selected this list of five best weather apps for android. Just make your pick to stay ahead of the weather.

Note: Each app uses different a weather service to update the weather information, so the results might be (somewhat) different. The accuracy of each app also depends on your location, so it is recommended that you try more than 1 app to see which is more accurate in your specific area.

1. 1Weather

best-android-weather-apps (5)1Weather is one of the most used weather apps available on the Google Play Store. Its simple interface that provides all the information in one glance makes it such an amazing weather app. You will get hourly weather updates for up to 12 locations. This includes information such as, Temperature, Visibility, Precipitation, Wind speed, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, UV Index and Dew Point.You can also get detailed weather updates of 48 hours, 10 days and even 12 weeks. The data can be shown with graphs or over a live map, and there are severe weather updates as well for the US residents only.Price: Free, with in app purchases

2. Yahoo Weather

best-android-weather-apps (1)Like most of the other Yahoo Apps, Yahoo Weather is also created around beauty and interactive interface. You can get hourly weather forecasts or detailed updates of 5 days and 10 days. It borrows pictures from Flickr to show the current condition of your area, which are uploaded by other Yahoo Weather users (including you). The information provided includes, Wind, Temperature, Pressure and Precipitation chances. You will be able to see animated sunset, sunrise and wind, etc. for even more beautiful experience. You can add up to 20 cities to view their weather condition over a detailed map.Price: Free

3. AccuWeather

best-android-weather-apps (2)AccuWeather as the name suggests is quite accurate in most scenarios and offers weather forecast of your exact area by locking on your GPS location. Using AccuWeather MinuteCast feature, It can provide minute-by-minute forecast of your specific area.Along with Android Smartphones and Tablets, it also supports Android Wear and offers the same features. If you live in the United States, you will also get alerts of severe weather conditions. The interface is also quite attractive with dark and light themes to use.Price: Free and $2.99 for an ad free version

4. The Weather Channel

best-android-weather-apps (3)The Weather Channel has quite a history in weather forecast, and now it is available for free on Android as well. It will offer hourly, 36-hour and 10 day weather forecast in a beautiful manner. The information provided include, Temperature, Precipitation, Humidity, Dew drops, UV Index Barometric pressure and wind speed.You can get severe weather and lightning alerts near your location and whether your area is safe or not. You can also access weather forecast videos for a detailed overview.Price: Free

5 GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

best-android-weather-apps (4)Another weather app that is created towards beauty and interactive interface. Go Weather Forecast & Widgets offers over a thousand themes and customized widgets to show weather details easily. It uses weather forecast from AccuWeather to offer up to date weather. You can get hourly and daily forecast along with detail reports and information such as, Temperature, Wind, Humidity, precipitation and visibility. You will also receive notification alerts of severe weather conditions in your area.Price: Free and offers in-app purchasesWhich one of these apps do you use? Know any other great weather apps? let us know in the comments below.

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