A lot of emulator exist in the Play Store but few of them really do work. Also, some of them are available for free and rest of the will cost you money. To save you some time, we have compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best emulators on Android.

Note: The emulators developed for Android are tailored to enable a user to relive the experience for fun. So, you should not expect the latest and greatest performance through the emulators.

  1. ClassicBoy Emulator

    classic boy - best emulators for android

    This emulator deals with some of the classic devices such as GameBoy Advance, Nintendo 64, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, NES, PS1, SNK, and Sega Genesis.

    You can adjust and set the controls for a game by heading to its advanced options. The gamepad mapping could support upto 4 players with ease. In addition, you can adjust the touchscreen gestures, control the sensors, and do a lot more things to make the best out of it. As the developer team suggest, it is one of the best emulators for Android while playing fighting games.

  2. DraStic DS Emulator

    drastic ds emulator - best emulators for android

    DraStic DS emulator is one of the finest emulators for Android that lets you work with the Nintendo DS. You can play the classic games tailored for the Nintendo DS. It costs you around 4.99 USD at the Play Store.

    If you have a high-end device, you can double the 3D Graphics quality with a simple tweak within this app. You get to customize the layout according to the orientation (be it portrait or landscape). As an added bonus, you get access to a huge database of cheat codes to enrich your classic gaming experience.

  3. FPse for Android

    fpse for android - best emulators for android

    FPse is one of the simplest emulators for Android. It is a deal simple emulator which deals with everything compatible with the PS 1. It costs you 3.63 USD.

    All you need to have is the ISO file from the original PS1 game loaded. Emulation of analog sticks are also possible with this interesting emulator. The games utilize OpenGL to deliver the best quality graphics through the emulator.

  4. John GBC

    john gbc - best emulators for Android

    John GBC is a GameBoy emulator with simple control options. Unlike others, you will not find advanced tweak settings within this app. This emulator costs around a dollar and it offers a lite version to try out how it works before purchasing.

    It supports save states, ability to take screenshots, cheat codes, and Bluetooth controller. You can get rid of the in-app advertisements if you purchase the emulator.

  5. SuperRetro16 (SNES)

    superretro android emulator

    SNES is a very old yet popular console. You may not enjoy the experience with SNES games but if you want to try SNES games and relive the experience, this is the best SNES emulator to have installed.

    It comes with cloud syncing support and Bluetooth controller support as well. It is an interesting emulator to try on!

  6. PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator

    psp emulator - best emulators for android

    PSP was a trend a couple years back. Now that it has been discontinued, there is still craze for the games that were tailored for PSP devices.

    So, to get the experience, what could be better than a PSP emulator? Here, comes PPSSPP Gold emulator to the rescue being one of the fine-tuned PSP emulators delivering the best performance depending on the device it is running on.

  7. MegaN64 (N64 Emulator)

    megan64 emulator for android

    MegaN64 emulator is an incredibly popular emulator available for Android. It is best known for its performance with N64 games loaded. It inherits from the roots of an open source project Mupen64+ with some enhanced capabilities and tweaks.

    The best part – it is a completely free emulator for Android that justifies why so many users are trying it out and liking it as well.


    Wrapping Up

    So, these are 7 of the best emulators for Android. While many more still exist at the Play Store, they are either out of date or does not work as expected.

    If you come across a great emulator for Android that works great, let us know in the comments section below.

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