Android is all about flexibility and customization. You can choose to change the appearance of your home screen or you can completely change your phone’s default font style. Installing an icon pack is one of the most popular changes which often involves installing a third-party launcher as well. But, there are tons of icon packs at the Google Play Store but fret not, we will help you with the decision by selecting the best icon packs (free+paid) of all time.

What Is An Icon Pack?

An icon pack is a set of custom-designed icons bundled inside an application which can be installed and applied to your smartphone’s software through an Android launcher (an app which lets you customize the look of your home screen and the app drawer).

However, by default, the stock launcher will not be helpful for the cause. So, you will need an alternative launcher like – Nova Launcher or Action Launcher – in order to apply an icon pack.

Which Launcher Should You Have Installed?

The launcher really matters when it comes to applying an icon pack. No matter how good the icon pack is if you have an ugly launcher installed – it won’t make a difference.

I suggest you check out some of the best Android launchers available. If you’re not satisfied with the mentioned launchers, I’ll mention my personal favorites here:

Once, you have any of the best Android launchers onboard, you are good to go.

Free Icon Packs for Android

1. Polycon

Polycon is definitely one of the best icon packs available on Google Play Store for free. The set of icons offered aren’t completely breathtaking – but in fact – clean and more beautiful than the system’s default icon set. The customizations applied to the icons are subtle but noticeable.

If you want material design icons, this should be a really good solution to that.


2. Moonrise Icon Pack

Moonrise Icon Pack is the best icon pack that we can recommend if you’re looking for material design icons (especially if you want refreshed Google app Icons), yet with a dark color scheme.
It offers a huge icon library that you might find interesting.


3. Glim – Flat icon pack

Similar to Android’s stock icons, Glim provides a polished version of the material design icons. So, if that’s what you are looking for, Glim would be one of the best icon packs to have installed.


4. Pix UI Icon Pack 2

If round-shaped flat icon designs are your preference, Pix UI Icon pack 2 should help you out make your device look like Pixel 2’s stock UI. You can go through the instructions in the app description to mimic Pixel’s UI while you install the icon pack from the Play Store.


5. Moonshine

Moonshine offers a huge icon library which includes a lot of Google-inspired icons. The icon designs are very clean and tidy – not too different – but better than the factory icon set. Indeed, it is one of the best icon packs for Android.


6. Whicons

I’m sure the name of the icon pack describes it – not to mention – the icon set is completely white-themed. The designs are unique and so is the color scheme. If you want a different color scheme, Zwart icon pack (black) and Golden icon pack (Gold – of course) -would be the best alternatives.

If you’re not sure about the Wallpaper that will blend in with these icons, do not worry, the icon pack does include a lot of wallpapers for you to download/apply – just like every other icon pack.


Paid Icon Packs for Android

1. Live Icon Pack

Live Icon pack is one of the best icon pack with a lot of unique icon designs. The icon library is small – but it covers almost every popular app you could be using.

If you are looking for a vibrant, colorful, and dynamic icon set, this should be the one.


2. Umbra

Yet another vibrant icon pack which never ceases to amaze you. Unlike the previous one, it offers a huge icon library to try out different versions of app icons as you explore.

Do you want a colorful set of icons? Umbra icon pack would suffice.


3. Ombre

Ombre icon pack offers unique icon designs. The multi-layer look of the icon makes it incredibly attractive. It is dark and flashy at the same time.


4. Noctum Iconpack

We’ve known about color-themed icon packs but this icon pack presents a different level of creativity. You will find the icons dark-themed but yet with a white-color scheme complimented by the shades of black (or the shadow effect on the icons).


5. Almug

almug icon pack

Almug features uniquely designed icons with a variety of colors. It is a clean yet colorful icon pack. It has a huge icon library which contains alternate colors for each icon you encounter.


6. Vlyaricons

Do you want an icon pack to look like as if it’s painted? Like brush strokes? But, at the same time, you want simple icon designs with the factory color scheme. Vlyaricons is a perfect fit for such a choice.


Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve known about our recommendations, which one would you pick to be your favorite? Yes, of course, there are still a lot of icon packs to explore at the Play Store. So, did we miss any of your personal favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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