Smartphones are powerful because of the apps that make them smart. With powerful hardware, new possibilities open, and there’s definitely something for everyone. Of course, the possibilities are infinite, but our goal is to give you the lay of the land and save you some time by getting you started with a solid list of apps, in fact that ones that many would consider to be the “best” ones available for iPhone across several categories.

Best iPhone Apps For Commuters


audible for iPhone - best iPhone apps

If you cannot read a book (but want to) while en route to your workplace, Audible would come to the rescue. Audible is one of the best applications available for Android and iOS to give access to tons of quality audio books.

All you need to do – plug in your earphones and start listening to the audio version of your favorite book without taking your eye off the road. You will get unlimited access to the audio books if you are an existing Amazon Prime member. It is quite impressive to observe handpicked playlists that are perfect!



pocket iPhone

Did you spot an interesting article on the web? Unfortunately, if you do not have time to read it then you may not be able to recall the article’s title / publication name.

Fret not, with Pocket app installed, you can instantly save your favourite article for offline reading. If you do not want to miss your favourite online content, consider saving it via Pocket app to read it later when you have the time to.


Best iPhone Apps For Bloggers

Google Analytics

google analytics for iPhone

Google Analytics is a must-have iPhone app for a blogger. With this, you can keep track of all your website traffic details on the go. Most importantly, it is a free analytics service.

Also, Google Analytics proves to be the best and most recommended analytics service for webmasters. So, without heading to the web version, you can instantly check almost every detailed statistics through the app for your iPhone.



wordpress app for iPhone

WordPress is the most popular CMS. Almost every of the major online publications run on WordPress or a customised form of WordPress because it is an open source project. Even Ubergizmo runs on WordPress as well.

If you are an author, an editor, an administrator or a contributor at a site powered by WordPress, you can easily manage your content on-the-go on your iPhone. Of course, you will not be able to experience the same level of functionality that you get on the web version, but it might save your day.


Best iPhone Apps For Photographers



The default camera app does not provide much manual controls (if not at all). However, you can get the Camera+ for 2.99 USD to achieve a greater control on the camera shots with your capable iPhone camera lens.

It equips you with a lot of options which include slow shutter shots, ultra-low ISO capability, macro mode, exposure on touch, and so on. If you are somehow unhappy with the camera shots taken with your iPhone, you should give it a try. In either case, if you want to make the most out of your iPhone’s camera, this would be a recommended solution.



VSCO iPhone

In contrast to Camera+, VSCO is an absolute delight to have installed which is available for free on the app store. It is one of the best camera apps for iPhone if you want manual control options.

It is a dead simple app which provides more functionality or ability to capture a better picture with your iPhone. It does not promise you of super crisp (or magical) shots but simply equips you with more options to tweak for the perfect shot.


Best iPhone Apps For Food Junkies

Foursquare – City Guide


Foursquare’s city guide app will help you know about the best nearby restaurants. It also searches for the best match according to what you desire to eat.

It works almost anywhere in the world. If you utilise the app to visit several food places, you can see all the information regarding the number of visits in your history so that you do not forget any recent visit.


Best Productivity Apps For iPhone


evernote for iPhone

Evernote is always one of the most recommended iPhone apps for productivity. Unfortunately, due to the change in its pricing plans, it might seem expensive in the US. But, if you are an Indian user, it is surely affordable.

Evernote seems to be the best way to to have your notes synced across multiple devices, scan documents, and also collaborate for a list. You can utilise Evernote in a variety of ways. If you are stuck finding different ways to make use of Evernote then do check out their blog for more ideas.



buffer for iPhone

If you think social media kills your time, Buffer could help you stay active on your social networks without distracting you.

You do not need a Facebook app or a Twitter app. Simply, connect your social networking accounts with buffer. After you are done connecting the social network accounts, you just have to schedule or post an immediate status to all your social network accounts at an instant.

If you are someone who always wants to post an update to your social networking account at a specific time in a day. With buffer, you do not need to miss the time, instead, schedule a post.


Best Music Apps For iPhone

For this, you can take a look at our recently compiled list of the best music apps for iPhone.

Best Messenger Apps For iPhone


whatsapp for iPhone - best iPhone apps

You will find almost all of your friends using WhatsApp. So, that being the plus. It should be the most preferred messenger app to stay connected with your friends and relatives.

Also, with the recent additions like Video Calling, WhatsApp has become an all-in-one app for your iPhone. Video call? Voice call? File sharing? Group chat? Encrypted messaging client? You could experience almost everything with WhatsApp.


Google Allo

google allo - best iPhone apps

Recently announced, Google Allo is a smart messenger for Android and iOS devices. If you have friends using Google Allo or if they can switch over to Allo, it would be the best alternative to WhatsApp.

Of course, you will get less functionalities, but with the Google Assistant using Allo becomes much more fun and productive at the same time.


Best iOS Essential Apps

Google Translate


Google translate is one of the best iPhone apps if you like to travel a lot. Instead of spending countless hours to learn a new language, you could choose to install Google translate app and make use of it when needed.

It is obvious that using Google translate over learning a new language may not seem the most efficient choice but if you are in a hurry, Google translate would save you. In addition, if you want to read an online content which you cannot understand, simply translate the content with the help of Google translate. In a similar way, there are several situations where Google translate app could come handy.




There are a lot of password managers available around. Some honorable mentions would include LastPass and Keeper. However, when considering the integration and user experience of a password manager in an iPhone, ‘1Passwords‘ takes the lead.

Unfortunately, in order to experience the best, you will have to pay a hefty price of 64.99 USD. It might seem overpriced but if you have the budget, you should go for it. If not, you have alternatives as LastPass and Keeper.


Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone



SwiftKey is one of the best iPhone apps if you want to experience a third-party keyboard app. However, you would miss the 3D Touch feature with the default keyboard when switching over to SwiftKey keyboard.

But as an added bonus, the prediction level of SwiftKey is just amazing. Even if you have conversation in your native language using English letters, the prediction still works as good as when you have a conversation in English. It is known that Google keyboard predictions are perfect but SwiftKey still kicks it off the edge. In addition, you also get to customise the look of the keyboard panel. Why not give it a try?




Gboard is a new keyboard app for iOS devices by Google. Even if you are an Apple fanboy, you will still love using it.

Gboard provides you with the ability to access GIFs and emojis. You will get a huge collection of GIFs considering Google’s ultimate database of almost everything. As a plus, you get in-built Google search functionality, in presence of which you will barely look over at other keyboard applications to make things more convenient.


Best VPN Apps For iPhone

Tunnel Bear


Tunnel Bear is very secure yet a free VPN app for iPhone. It is one of the best VPN iPhone apps of all time. It comes baked in with a great user interface.

Let us not forget that free VPN apps are not necessarily secure but they utilize shared resources. In contrast, Tunnel Bear gives 500 MB of data usage per month. If you need more, you should consider upgrading it. But, I will advise you to always go for a paid VPN plan instead of a free VPN app which promises unlimited data usage if you want high performance servers.




VyprVPN is yet another alternative as the best VPN app for your iPhone. Unfortunately, VyprVPN’s chameleon encryption protocol is not available for iOS. Chameleon protocol is what makes it worth to have in the first place.

Still, it provides reliable servers and great Internet speeds (without affecting the original speed). Do note that you will have to be connected to your nearest server location in order to ensure a higher Internet speed.


Best Content Blockers For iPhone



1Blocker is the best content blocker available on the app store. It is available for free to download but in order to access the complete functionalities of the app, you will have to go for an in-app purchase (2.99 USD).

It is definitely worth the price you are going to pay. It blocks every type of ads, prevents external scripts to load on a web page, disables Disqus comments, disables trackers (google analytics) and more. If upgrade it and enable every option available, you can load web pages at a much faster speed than you do usually. You can easily integrate it with Safari as a content blocker.

However, some sites may not respond while you try loading them with 1Blocker enabled. So, you can whitelist a site or tweak the options.


Adblock Plus


Adblock Plus is yet another impressive content blocker which can be easily integrated with Safari browser as a content blocker.

Unlike 1Blocker, Adblock Plus is simply an Advertisement blocker. If you do not want the annoying ads on a site you visit, simply install the Adblock Plus to never worry about advertisements on a website.


Best Browser Apps For iPhone



Safari comes pre-installed on your iPhone being the default browser. You could argue for Google Chrome being the best but at least not in the case when you own an iPhone. Safari is equally good as Chrome when using it on an iOS device.

Safari provides more integration with content blockers. Overall, the web experience is good enough.

Google Chrome


If you want more features (ignoring the content blocker integration support) and a better web experience, Google Chrome takes the crown.

Also, if you have Google Chrome installed it becomes more convenient to keep track of your bookmarks and history across multiple devices. Unless you have a Mac, safari will not make things convenient for you.


Best Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone

Google Drive


Google Drive is the most logical choice considering the cloud storage space we get and the security Google offers. It is indeed one of the best iPhone apps.

With more storage, and enhanced security, you could collaborate with your team to achieve a task as well. You can also keep a file available offline (if you choose to save it offline). Also, the user interface of the app is quite decent in its approach and appealing as well.




Most of the IT professionals prefer using Dropbox. In spite of allocating a much lower cloud storage for free, Dropbox is very reliable and fast.

Dropbox is more suitable for collaborative work than individual needs. It really does not matter which cloud storage service among the best you choose but when it comes down to your personal preference, you should make sure that the cloud storage service helps get things done or not (As you expect it to be).


Wrapping Up

So, now that you know about the best iPhone apps, you can easily choose the best one to have installed. There is always something for everyone.

Did we miss listing out your favorite app? Which of the mentioned applications does not deserve the spot according to you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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