Comments are useful in a document when you share it to someone else. Mostly, while collaborating for a document, comments do help. Maybe Microsoft 2010 is too old but there are people who still use it. Maybe because they do not like Office 365’s online platform or they have got an old computer or software license. Whatever be the case, you should get to know how to add comments in word 2010 document files. It is almost similar with the newer versions.


Steps To Add Comments In Word 2010 Documents

  1. Select the portion of text you want to add comments in.
  2. Now, in the tabs above, click on “Review” tab.
  3. You will now find an option that says – “New Comment“. When you click on it, you will find a text space in the right side to insert your comment. Just type in whatever you want to and leave it as it is.
  4. If you want to insert another comment, just select the portion of the text and again click on “New Comment” to encounter the text space to type in your comment. You can even format the comment with Bold, Italics, & Underline – to highlight the important comments first.

How To Navigate Through The Comments In Word 2010 Documents

To the right of “New Comment” option, you can find the “Previous” and “Next” buttons. You need to just click on it to navigate through the comments. It is quite handy if you want to read the document distraction free (without any mouse pointers coming your way).

You now know about how to add comments in Word 2010 and also the distraction-free method to navigate through the comments. But, what if there are a lot of comments to look at? Fret not, we have your back!

Steps To Review (Multiple Comments) Quickly In Word 2010

review comments

If you observe that there are a lot of comments in a document, you can simply head on to the “Review” tab and follow the steps below to review multiple comments quickly.

  1. Head on to the Review tab.
  2. To the right of the comments option box, you should osberve a tracking option box as shown in the image above.
  3. In that, look for – “Reviewing Pane” – just click on the down arrow button near it. Now, you will have two options – Reviewing Pane Vertical & Reviewing Pane Horizontal.
    You will now get all the comments listed in either left of the document – vertical or at the bottom of the document (horizontal). In this way, you will be able to take a look at a lot of comments at a time – thus saving time.

What next?

You have inserted the comments, navigated through it, and reviewed it as well. What about deleting the comments in Word 2010?

How  To Delete Comments In Word 2010 Documents

Unlike adding comments in Word, deleting is a lot easier. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the document from which you want to delete the comments.
  2. Simply place the curson on the comment you want to get rid of. And, then head on to the review tab to click on “Delete Comment” to delete it. In case you want to delete all the comments included in the document, click on the drop down arrow button to find “Delete All comments in Document” option to delete them.

Wrapping Up

No need to wonder how to add comments in word anymore! You can now easily insert comments in Word 2010, review them in a proper manner, and also be able to delete it. Queries about more functionalities of comments or you can’t seem to add a comment to your document in Microsoft Office Word 2010? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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