There are plenty of ways to have fun with your phone, most of them revolve around apps. Besides games, another genre of apps that we have really been enjoying lately is the voice changing ones. After going through a bunch of them, we are excited to show you our three favorite ones.

Voice changer with effects

Our top pick is an app called ‘Voice changer with effects’, which is the most downloaded voice changing app on Android. The app is free of charge and is ridiculously easy to use.

To kick things off, open the app and hit the recording button located in the center of the homepage. Once you have completed the recording, you will be greeted by a slew of effects, ranging from ‘Robot’ and ‘Helium’ to ‘Cathedral’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’.

Before saving the audio clip, users can test-play the original recording on each effect.

You can even place one of your recordings on an image. For instance, on a friend’s birthday, you could send him an image saying ‘Happy Bday’, with an audio clip of you singing the bday song attached to it. Or you could just buy him a t-shirt.

Another extra feature users could enjoy is piano. You can play the piano while recording yourself singing and then add one of the effects to the recording.

To access your recording, tap the menu button located in the top left-hand corner and then hit ‘Saved recordings’.

If you find yourself addicted to the app and wish to improve your user experience, you can remove ads by opening the ‘Remove ads’ option from the app’s menu. Ad removal will cost you $4.


Voice Changer

A very decent alternative to the abovementioned is an app called ‘Voice Changer’ developed by Smart Apps & Smart Tools. The app is free to download from the Play Store. It features a minimalistic and user-friendly UI, while also offering a few extra effects compared to our top pick.

Much like the previous app, tap the red button to start the recording and tap it again to stop it. The extra effects include the likes of ‘Twisted Tongue’, ‘Underwater’, ‘Creepy Movie’ and more.

To check out your recordings, tap the button in the top left-hand corner. Users can change the effect on their recording, trim it, share it and even set it as their ringtone.

A feature available in the particular app that is not present in the first one, is the ability to add a voice effect on any of the songs you have downloaded on your phone. We tried it and the results were hysterical.


Narrator’s Voice

Our last pick is a bit different than the other two, as instead of adding an effect to your recording, it narrates a piece of text that you write in or a text file that you upload. The app is called ‘Narrator’s Voice’ and it’s free to download both on Play Store and App Store.

Once you are satisfied with the result, hit the save button to store the recording. Saved files from the app are automatically being saved to your phone’s music app.

To change the narrator’s voice, hit the menu button on the top-left hand corner>Configuration>Voice. The best AI, in general, is Microsoft’s Cortana, though, granted that the app is relatively new, the other AIs are pretty decent as well.

In order to get the AI to read a text written in another language other than English, head back to ‘Configuration’, select one of the available languages and then the voice of the narrator.


If you encounter any problems while trying out any of the above or have a recommendation to make, feel free to shoot a comment down below.

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