These days PDF files are everywhere, being used by Businesses and for personal use alike. These files are mostly used for comics, Bills, Novels and other such files that are not meant for further editing.

This is the main reason why it is so hard to find a software that could help edit PDF files. You can easily open a PDF file for free using any dedicated tool, however, these tools won’t let you edit it, at least not for free.

Software for editing PDF files is quite expensive, such as Adobe Acrobat which is currently available for a price of $449. For an average person, it’s a huge price tag just for editing a file. Fortunately, some free PDF editing tools are also available that should be good enough for some basic editing.

If you depend on Editing PDF files on a daily basis then it is recommended that you should invest in a Pro tool like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF Editor. However, if you need to make some basic edits, such as changing images or editing text, then free options will work great for you.

Method #1: Use a Free Software to edit

There is free software in the market that will let you edit PDF files (of course, not as good as Paid software). These apps will let you make some basic edits and save the file in PDF format again.

In this tutorial, we are going to use the tool PDFedit, which is an open source software and comes with all basic editing tools. To get started just download the software from here and launch it.

open file

Click on “File” at the top left corner of the screen and from there click on Open.

select filechoose option

Now, choose the PDF file which you would like to edit and hit Open. Once your file is open, you can make three types of edits, including editing text, images and adding annotations.

more options

Just click on each editing option and more options related to it will be displayed on the opposite side of editing options.


Just use these options to edit your PDF file and once you are done, click on “File” again and from there click on “Save” to save the changes.


Note: The changes you will make will be made to the original file, no new files will be created. If you would like to preserve the original file, then click on “Savecopy” instead of “Save” from the “File” option.

Method #2: Edit PDF file Online

If you are not comfortable with downloading a software in your PC, then you can also edit your File online using a dedicated website. In this Tutorial, we are going to use PDF Buddy, it’s a great editing tool and very simple to use as well. However, with the free version you can only edit 3 files each month.

If you don’t need to edit many files then this can be a great option. Furthermore, it’s pro version is quite cheap too, if you just need some basic editing often, then buying pro version is better than buying expensive Adobe Acrobat or similar tool.

add PDF file select file
To edit files, go to PDF Buddy website and click on “Choose PDF to edit” or drag and drop the PDF file in the box above it. Choose the PDF file which you would like to edit and it will start uploading.

Tip: it is better to sign up and login with your PDF buddy account before starting, as it will be required to access some editing features and also to download and save the edited File.

all editing optionssign up

Once the file is uploaded, you can add text, images, shapes, and signatures, etc. For some of the features, you will be required to sign up, so if you are not signed in, you can create an account while editing and sign in to use all features.


Once the file is edited, you can click on “Save” to save it and access it again from PDF Buddy website or click on “Download”, to save and download the file in your PC.

Method #3: Convert the PDF file into a Word file and Edit

You can also convert the PDF file into Word file to edit, as it is very easy to edit word file. Once you have edited the file, you can again convert the Word file into PDF file.

add fileselect file

To convert PDF file into Word, go to and click on “Upload a File to Convert”. Now, choose the file which you would like to convert. If you would like to see more options to convert PDF file into Word file, then you can refer to this article “How to Convert PDF to Word Document”.

downloaddownload options

Once selected, the file will start uploading and convert. As the process completes, you will see your converted file with a download link above it. Click on it to download it as a Word file.

edit in wordconvert to word

Now, edit the file and save the word file. To convert back to PDf file go to again and click on “Word to PDF online”.

add fileselect file

Click on “Upload a File to Convert” and choose the Word file which you have just edited and click open.

downloaddownload pdf

The file will be converted and a download link will be available at the top, which you can click to download the file as PDF.

If you know any better methods to edit PDF files for free or have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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