It is easier to describe something with the help of an emoji rather explaining it. In addition, it saves you a lot of time by replacing a sentence with just a single emoji. It is always preferred to keep things simple, so why write a long sentence to convey an expression, instead using one of the coolest emojis available on Android?

Note: The emojis you send would not necessarily look exactly the same to the receiver. Although, it would mostly convey the same expression. It depends on the platform you are on (Android/iOS/Windows) and the application through which you are sending it. For more information on how emojis work, you can refer Unicode’s FAQ page.

Let us take a look at some of the ways by which you can get cool emojis on your Android device.

#1. Using 3rd Party Keyboard Apps

There are tons of keyboard apps on the Play Store which brings in several cool emojis. Some of the keyboard apps that you should get installed are mentioned below.

1. Swiftmoji

swiftmoji keyboard

It not only enables you to use emojis but also predicts the correct emoji according to the context. It does save a lot of time from searching for the right emoji if it is not present in the recently used list.

It is a quite impressive keyboard app dedicated for emojis developed by the SwiftKey team. Swiftmoji also delivers a great user experience even if you do not use emojis often.

2. SwiftKey

swiftkey keyboard

It is one of the most loved Android keyboard apps on the Play Store. SwiftKey is known for accurate predictions that no other keyboard app can compete with. If you allow it to access your social messaging behavior and email conversations, it could surprise you!

It also brings in a lot of emojis that could make your conversations more interesting.

Other keyboard apps that we would recommend using to get cool emojis on Android include – Swype, GO Keyboard, and Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro.

#2. Pre-installed Google Keyboard

Almost all of the Android devices come with the standard Google Keyboard app pre-installed. So, you will not have to download a 3rd Party keyboard app in order to use emojis.

Steps to enable Google Keyboard

Step #1: Head on to the device settings. Now, scroll down to find the “Language & input” option. Click on it.

Step #2: Tap on the “Current Keyboard” option and you will find “Google Keyboard” among the names mentioned. In my case, there are two Google Keyboards available. The first one – “Google Keyboard English (India)” and the second one – “Google Indic Keyboard”. Even if you get similar names as I have got, prefer choosing the standard Google Keyboard. In this case, I will be selecting – Google Keyboard English (India).

activate google keyboard

Now, select it to enable the keyboard.

Step #3: Now, navigate your way to the Google Keyboard’s advanced settings as shown in the image below.

google advanced settings

Step #4: You can now see an option as “Emoji for physical keyboard”, tap on it to enable using the emojis. Now, while using the standard Google keyboard you can use the emojis by holding the “new line” / “enter” button. When you tap and hold the button, you would observe a smiley, tap on it to access the emojis as shown in the image below.

#3. Copy-Paste Emoji from a Webpage

If you are not interested in installing a 3rd Party Keyboard app (for whatever reason it may be). You can simply head on to the browser and make use of a web page offering emojis.

First, simply search for “Emojis” on Google / similar search engines. Now, you would get a lot of sites offering emojis.

Among the search results, I would suggest heading to (you can try different websites of your choice). When you navigate to GetEmoji’s site, you will be able to copy-paste each of the icons present.

Note: If you observe some of the icons look like boxes, then it is not supported by your device.

After you have copied the icon, you can paste it anywhere. However, when you paste the icon somewhere else, it might look different, but would convey a similar expression.


Now, you have known about three of the ways by which you can get cool emojis on Android. If you have a low-end device or an insufficient storage, consider using the copy-paste method or switch to the standard Google keyboard (if you have it pre-installed). On the off chance, if you are equipped with a good performing device, utilizing a 3rd Party keyboard apps to get cool emojis would be the best solution.

We also recommend reading our Best Android Keyboards article as well to discover new options on that topic.

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