Just like Android has its own set of unique emojis, iOS has them too. Do you want to get iPhone Emojis for Android?

In the past, Android users had to root their device in order to change their emoji set to the ones found on iOS devices. Fret not, you do not have to root your device this time.

In this article, we recommend some keyboard apps that can help you get iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone without rooting your device.

Note: The emojis you use also depends on the application you are on. So, if you don’t see the iPhone-like emojis across all apps, no need to worry, the app just doesn’t yet support that.

Best Keyboard Apps With iPhone Emojis

Switching the keyboard app is the best way to get the iPhone emojis you always wanted. However, there are just too many options available on the Play Store. The availability of fancy emoji apps and keyboards makes it too confusing.

Of course, you can explore all you want – but we don’t want to leave you hanging. So, to save you some time, we suggest some of the best ones we have come across:

1. Emoji Keyboard

emoji keyboard

This keyboard app features a ton of different emojis, including the iPhone-like emojis. In addition to the emojis, you get to customize the look and feel of the keyboard.

Specifically, you can customize the theme and tweak the size of the keys to make yourself comfortable typing while utilizing the emojis.


2. iMore Emoji Keyboard App

imore keyboard

iMore emoji keyboard app tries to mimic the UI of iPhone keyboard along with the emojis. The user interface is quite good actually – no complaints from my side. It offers all the basic features you will need in a keyboard app. You can send GIFs and other interesting emojis as well. It is quite fun to try.

In addition to all the features, you also get the support for a variety of themes which can be separately installed from the Play Store. For instance, the Phone X keyboard is one of the themes that use iMore keyboard app to resemble the look of an iPhone keyboard along with all the emojis. I think it is worth trying out!


3. Kika Keyboard

kika keyboard

Kika Keyboard may not offer just the iPhone emojis – but a whole lot more. So, if you want a feature-rich emoji keyboard that does not get restricted to iPhone emojis – but also more, this is for you.

As I mentioned, it offers a lot of features like sending GIFs, stickers, slide to type, and all the other essentials like auto-correction, etc, The user experience with this is far better than a ton of other keyboards which claim to offer iPhone-like experience but do not.


Wrapping Up

It is definitely not rocket science to get iPhone emojis on Android. It just takes the right keyboard with the required emoji sets to get the job done. It is worth noting that you will find a lot of emoji keyboards that claim to have “iPhone emojis”. But, most of those applications fail to provide a proper user experience or simply are no longer actively maintained.

To start with, we will recommend our solutions to try out for yourself. Feel free to suggest your favorites – if you think we missed something.

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