Why would you want to hide Android Apps when you have just got them installed? Whatever be the reason behind it, you do want to keep those applications away from prying eyes. We would also recommend doing the same to keep things secure and protecting your information from unauthorized access.

In this article, we have listed four of the best methods which you can follow to hide Android Apps.

Method #1: Utilise an Android Launcher

You have a lot of options to choose from if you try hiding an application using a launcher.

We would recommend installing the Nova Launcher Prime or the Action Launcher Plus. These are one of the best launchers one can use to hide apps on Android.

Steps to hide apps using Nova launcher Prime

nova launcher - hide apps

Step #1: Head on to the launcher’s setting menu.

Step #2: Click on “App & widget drawers”.

Step #3: Now, scroll down to find “Hide apps” and then tap on it.

Step #4: Finally, select the applications which you want to hide.

Steps to hide apps using Action Launcher Plus

action plus - hide apps

Step #1: Head on to the launcher’s settings menu.

Step #2: Click on “App drawers”.

Step #3: Now, tap on “Hidden apps”.

Step #4: Finally, select the applications you want to hide.

Method #2: Use a dedicated solution to hide apps (Rooted devices only)

Not interested in using a launcher to hide apps? Fret not, you can try installing an app which is made just for hiding applications. However, if you do not have a rooted device, you will not be able to use the apps mentioned below.

Note: Rooting your device is not recommended but it does have advantages over a non-rooted device.

#1. Hide it pro

hide it pro - hide apps on rooted device

It is an impressive app that requires root access to work (hide apps). In order to prevent unauthorized access, the app appears to be an “Audio Manager” when installed.

After you launch the app, you can tap and hold the Audio Manager’s logo to access “Hide it pro”. If you have a rooted device with you, tap on “Hide Apps” to get started.

#2. X App Hider

X App Hider

Yet another impressive app available on the Play Store to hide apps on your Android device. It also requires root access in order to work (hide apps).

Simply, launch the app and add new applications to get started as shown in the image below.

Method #3: Disable System Applications

You do not have to install additional apps from the Play Store if you simply want to hide any of the system applications present on your device.

In order to hide any of the system applications, you just have to disable them.

Steps to disable a system application


Step #1: Head on to the device settings.

Step #2: Scroll down and click on “Apps”.

Step #3: Click on a system app (for instance – Clock).

Step #4: Now, you just have to click on “Disable”. In some cases, you might find “Uninstall Updates” option. So, in this case, you will have to proceed to revert to the factory version of the app, and then you will be able to disable it.

Method #4: Use App Lockers to prevent Unauthorized Access

Using an app locker does not exactly hide your app, but it does keep them secure. In other words, this method specifically helps you to hide an app’s content.

There are several popular app lockers which you can use to achieve this. Among the others, we would recommend using “Lockdown Pro”. It would cost you around 2 USD (in-app purchase) in order to upgrade it to access all of the features.

Steps to hide apps using Lockdown Pro

lockdown pro

Step #1: Launch the application.

Step #2: If you observe a red button describing it as “OFF”, then click on it to enable (turns it to green).

Step #3: Scroll down to navigate your way through the applications listed. Tap on the one which you want to lock. In addition, you can click on the icon (three-dots) to access more of the options which would let you add more passwords or turn on a fake cover for the app you select.

Other app lockers that we would like to mention for you to use include – AppLock and Hexlock App Lock.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned four of the methods that can help you to hide Android Apps. Installing a launcher would be the best way to hide apps, but if you are not interested in using a launcher, using app lockers would be the next best solution. On the off chance, if you want to hide one of the system applications, simply disable it. And, as an additional layer of security, using an app locker would be a wiser choice.

Do you know about an interesting method to hide apps on Android? What method would you prefer to hide apps on your device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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