If you have moved from your old browser to Microsoft’s new Edge browser, then you might like to move your old bookmarks to Edge. Microsoft Edge makes it quite easy to import bookmarks from other browsers, however, it still lacks some features as it is not finalized yet.

You can only import bookmarks from Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox and it doesn’t support HTML file format (yet) to import bookmarks manually. It means that you cannot import bookmarks from browsers other than Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and as the HTML file is not accepted, you can’t easily edit your own import file either.

However, we have a workaround to import bookmarks from other browsers… In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to import bookmarks in Edge from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and a host of other browsers.

Method #1: Import Bookmarks to Edge from Supported Browsers

It is very easy to automatically import bookmarks in Edge, you can do so right from the main interface.

Step #1: Click on the “Hub” button (with 3 horizontal lines) at the top-right corner of the window and after that, click on “Import Favorites”.

Image 001

Step #2: Now, select the browsers from which you would like to import bookmarks. You can select more than one.

Step #3: Click on “Import” below and all your bookmarks will be automatically imported from the other browsers.

Image 002Image 004

Note: To import bookmarks from another browser, you need to have that browser  containing all the bookmarks installed in your PC. Otherwise, you will not see the option of that specific browser.

Method #2: Import Bookmarks from Unsupported Browsers

As Microsoft Edge doesn’t supports bookmark importing from many other browsers, such as Opera or Safari, we need to take a longer route to import from them. The trick is that we first need to import the bookmarks to a browser supported by Edge (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer), and then use the method #1 to import to Edge.

For demonstration, we are going to import Opera bookmarks to Chrome and then import them to Edge.

Export Opera Bookmarks to HTML File

We first need to export Opera bookmarks to a HTML file so Chrome could read and import them. Unfortunately, latest Opera version doesn’t supports export bookmark feature, so we will have to use a third-party extension. For this purpose, Bookmarks Import & Export is a good extension.

Download and install the extension and click on its Icon next to the search bar in Opera to open its interface. Now, just click on “Export” and the bookmarks HTML file will be downloaded to your PC’s “Downloads” folder.

Image 005Image 006

Import HTML file to Chrome

In Chrome, click on the main menu at the top-right corner and click on “Settings” from the menu. Scroll down a bit and click on “Import bookmarks and settings…” under the heading “People”.

Image 007Image 008

Click on the drop down menu next to “From:” and select “Bookmarks HTML File”.

Image 009

After that, click on “Choose File” and select the HTML Bookmarks file downloaded from Opera.

Image 010Image 011

Once selected, the bookmarks will be automatically added to Chrome.

Image 012

Now, just use the method #1 to import bookmarks from Chrome to Edge.

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