Microsoft has announced that it has now added the Web Authentication specification in Microsoft Edge. This will enable more secure user experiences which eliminate the need for passwords and adds support for safer access control methods such as biometrics. It will enable Edge users to sign in with their face, fingerprint, a PIN or portable FIDO2 devices.

Remembering passwords for the countless websites and services we frequent daily can be troublesome. Passwords are difficult to remember and are insecure since they’re vulnerable to phishing and cracking. Not to mention the fact that many users make the mistake of using the same password for all of their accounts.

Build 17723 brings Web Authentication support to Microsoft Edge. The company says that its implementation provides “the most complete support for Web Authentication” to date. With Windows Hello, users will be able to authenticate without a password on any Windows 10 device through face and fingerprint recognition. A PIN number may also be used to sign into websites.

External FIDO2 security keys can also be used to authenticate with a removable device in addition to the biometrics and PIN. There’s even support for FIDO U2F devices in case users want this functionality for websites that have yet to move to a completely passwordless model.

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