Microsoft announced last week that it’s moving to the Chromium open source project for its Edge browser. What that means is that Microsoft’s browser is now going to be built using the same web rendering engine that Google uses for the Chrome. This has led to many questions, one of the biggest being whether Edge will get Chrome extensions support as well. Microsoft has replied in what seems to be affirmative.

Chrome has a vast library of extensions that enable users to get more done within the browser itself. The extensions range from project management apps to password managers, downloaders, and more.

With Edge moving to the Chromium open source project, it was a reasonable expectation that perhaps the browser will get support for these extensions as well. Microsoft’s Kyle Alden has said on Reddit that “It’s our intention to support existing Chrome extensions.”

The wording on that response leaves a bit of wiggle room for the company. It’s not outright confirming that support for Chrome extensions will be there from day one. Nevertheless, it’s a promising start, and there’s a good reason to believe that the Chromium-powered Edge may indeed get support for the extensions.

Alden also said on Reddit that the new browser will be made available on all Microsoft devices, this means that it may even be released for devices like the Xbox One.

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