Kodi is an incredibly popular media server software which can run on just about anything (Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux,  Android, and iOS). Using it as the entertainment center for your PC/TV is exciting but how do you control Kodi using a remote? Is there a specific Kodi remote? If yes, how do you enable using it?

In this article, we shall take discuss how to use a Kodi remote and the types of Kodi remotes available in order to control Kodi.


How To Enable Remote Control in Kodi?

To be able to use a Kodi remote, you need to enable the support for it. You can do that from the settings menu.

Navigate your way through Settings->Services->Control. Now, you will be able to see the following screen:

kodi remote settings

Here, you need to enable all the options you see:

  • Allow remote control via HTTP
  • Allow remote control from applications on this system
  • Allow remote control from applications on other systems

Each of the options server a different purpose – which I will be explaining later in this article. In addition to these options, you should also setup a username and password. You do not need to change the port number unless it is specifically required in your case. If you fail to enable remote control via HTTP on 8080 port – you can try troubleshooting it with a different port.

Now that you have enabled remote control on Kodi – you are good to go. You just need to find the right Kodi remote to get the job done. You may be having a remote that’s already compatible with Kodi, you just do not know it yet. So, let us take a look at the list of Kodi remotes available:

9 Types of Kodi Remotes Available

1. MCE Remotes

mce remote toshiba

Image Credits: Protocentral

MCE refers to Media Center Edition. This means that these type of remotes are compatible with media server centers (specifically Windows Media Center or similar). Unlike others, MCE remotes are cheap and often come within the range of $20 and lower.

2. RF Remotes

rf remote

Image Credits: Kodi Wiki

Using RF Remotes (or Radio Frequency remote controllers) is yet another way with which you can control Kodi media center. The RF remote uses a USB dongle and communicates using the 2.4 GHz radio signals. When connected to a PC, it acts like a pair of keyboard and mouse which helps you to easily navigate through Kodi.

You can get these for as cheap as $20 but you also get expensive options if you require.

3. CEC Remote Control

It is basically your TV remote that you already have. However, it should be CEC-compatible to be able to control Kodi. CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is an HDMI feature to let you control the devices connected via HDMI port.

To know that, you need to dig into the documentation of your remote (or TV). Or, simply search for it on the web to be sure. If you have a CEC-compatible remote, you do not have to invest separately for a Kodi remote.

4. Game Controllers

game controller

Yes, you can use utilize your game controller to control Kodi media center. However, it is not as easy as using a remote or a mouse to navigate around. You will have to configure your controller and map the buttons to be able to interact with the interface.

You should refer to the official Kodi wiki guide on Game controllers to configure them and map the buttons to control Kodi with it.

5. Smartphone

No matter whether you have an Android or an iOS device. You can use your smartphone as a remote to control Kodi. It is one of the best Kodi remotes that you’re ever going to get for free (surprise, you already have a smartphone!).

To do that, you will have to install an app that facilitates controlling Kodi. For Android and iOS – there’s an official app available in their respective app marketplaces.

Install these apps to get started controlling Kodi via your smartphone.

6. Control Systems (Home Automation Systems)

The same tech that you use for home automation can also be configured to control Kodi and just about anything else. However, you will need someone with the required technical knowledge to configure it for you.

You can refer the official Kodi wiki page to know the supported list of control systems.

7. Web Interface

kodi web interface

If you want to access or control Kodi from a web browser, you can do it using the default web interface. For example, if you want to control it from the same computer, you go to http://localhost:8080/ and enter the credentials to log in.

While trying to control from another computer, replace localhost with the IP of the device you have Kodi set up. Here, your web browser is the remote control.

8. Keyboard Control

Of course, you have a Keyboard and a mouse, which you can use as a Kodi remote as well. You have to know the default shortcuts assigned and the button mapping to control Kodi. You can learn more about the keymap and the shortcut keys on Kodi’s Keyboard controls wiki page.

9. Apple Remote

Do you have an Apple remote lying around? If so, you can easily use it as a remote to control Kodi. It may not make sense to purchase it separately – so if you have one, it can be a good alternative to the Kodi remotes available.

Wrapping Up

With different types of Kodi remotes supported – it becomes quite easy to control Kodi. If you have got a TV remote, you can use it. If you do not want to use the TV remote, you have a smartphone at your disposal. In either case, you have got plenty of other alternatives like Game controllers, control systems, keyboard, MCE remote, and so on.

So, what do you think you will be using as a Kodi remote?

Let us know about it in the comments below.

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