Call recording is quite an amazing feature, every day we make many calls and some of them are quite important as well. Someone told you an address on call and you didn’t write it down? Just listen to the call again. May be you called a customer service and want to listen to the instructions again?

There can be tons of reasons why you would need to record a phone call, but the process is not simple anymore. In the past, phones had a call recording feature built-in, but not any more. Even though smartphones are quite advanced, but still when it comes to call recording feature, they left it out.

However, getting a call recording feature in your phone is not that hard either, there are tons of apps in the market that will let you record phone calls. Furthermore, these apps are more advanced than the old call recording feature with many new options.

Legal Warning: Call recording without the consent of both caller and receiver is not legal in some countries/states. So, before attempting to record a call make sure it is legally allowed in your country/state. If it is not allowed, then you can also tell the receiver that the call is being recorded and ask for their consent, this should make the process legal (Perfect for Interviews, etc.)

In this Tutorial, we have selected Automatic Call Recorder. It’s a really simple to use call recording app and has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play Store with positive reviews. The app is ad supported and also comes with a pro version which you will have to pay for.

The free version already comes with all the required options so there is a good chance you will never have to buy the Pro version.

Automatic Call Recorder

Download the app and by default it will be set to record calls automatically.

dial call

Now, dial a call and it will automatically start recording, a red dot will be shown at the top of the screen to ensure your call is being recorded.

recorded call

As the call hangs up, you will see a notification in your Notification bar showing the recently recorded call and total number of recordings that are in your Inbox and not saved yet. You can either add a note to the recording or tap on the notification to gain access to call details and options related to it.


There you can Play, Save or Delete the recording. You also have to option to see contact history and listen to all the previous calls, share the recording via different means and choose to not make recordings of that particular contact.

Apart from all these contact specified options, there are also many other features and option that you can access from the main menu.

save over cloud storage

Tap on Menu at the top left corner of the screen (it’s the three horizontal lines). There you have the option to attach a cloud account with your phone. All recordings will then be synced with that cloud account, this can be quite handy if you would like to access your recordings anywhere you like. You can either attach your Google Drive account or Dropbox account.


To access more options, click on Settings in the same menu. In Settings, you can change the type of file to “WAV”, “AMR” or “3GP”, and also select from two different themes (Yes, not many choices).

languageinbox size

There is also an option to change the language and the app supports total 40 different languages. Furthermore, Inbox size is set to 40, which means after 40 recordings, added recording will delete the old recording. You can change this option to up to 200 in the free version and up to 1000 in Pro version.

add contacts

You can add contacts that you want to ignore and their calls will not be recorded. There is also an option to specify a few contacts to record while leaving all other, but this option comes with the Pro version.


The default recording mode can also be changed with three different modes which are following:

Record all: In this mode all calls will be recorded automatically, leaving only the one which are listed to be ignored.

Ignore all: This option is useless for Free users as it will ignore all contacts except for the one that are added in the list of contacts to be recorded (which is a Pro version feature).

Ignore Contacts: In this mode, no recordings will be made of calls that are made to or received from saved contacts. It will only record calls from unknown contacts.

Although Automatic Call Recorder is a great tool for recording call automatically, but it might not work with some devices or the recording quality might be poor on some devices. If you are thinking of buying the pro version, then first download the free version to test it out and then buy the Pro version.

If there are any questions or you would like to tell us about another app with unique features, let us know in the comments below.

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