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How To Record Phone Calls (Android)
Record all incoming and out going calls automatically with this one in all call recording application.

Ex-girlfriend called 65,000 times in a year
One of the modern wonders of owning a mobile phone would be caller identification – with this, you are able to filter out any incoming calls whom you do not want to receive without having to pick it up ala old school landline style, only to realize it is Aunt Petunia on the other line whom you have been trying to avoid for the longest time. Well, if you think […]

Google Voice now supports Global Spam Filtering
Tired of receiving unwanted calls on your Google Voice number? Well, the folks over at Google have come up with a way to stop that from happening. Google has just updated the Google Voice service to support Global Spam Filtering. Whenever you get a call from a telemarketer or a random number who keeps asking for the wrong person, stopping them from ever calling again is just as easy as […]

PhoneIt-iPad turns your iPad into a 10" phone
If you’ve been holding back from getting an iPad due to the fact that it can’t make regular calls, those issues can now be put aside. Thanks to the folks over at iPhoneIslam, they’ve managed to create an app that lets users use their iPad tablets as regular phones. Make, receive calls, send and receive texts with your 10″ device. If you’re wondering how come an app like this didn’t […]


CounterPath Bria iPad Edition released
According to the results of surveys done by analysts, nearly one in four enterprises already use tablets and by 2013, so will the majority of businesses. Seeing how popular tablets have become; CounterPath has decided to take advantage of the growing market and released a tablet version of its softphone app, Bria (already available for Android devices and the iPhone). The app makes use of the phone’s data connection to […]

Man makes first ever 3G call and tweet from Mount Everest's summit
In an attempt to prove that 3G radios work at the highest place on Earth, Kenton Cool decided to bring along with him a smartphone on his latest climb up the highest mountain in the world. Did I say latest trip? Yeap. He’s done it previously – eight times to be exact.On his ninth trip up to the peak, (obviously sponsored by Samsung), he brought up with him Samsung’s latest […]

T-Mobile Bobsled is temporarily suspended
Remember the T-Mobile Bobsled service we announced a week ago for making calls to Facebook users? Well it looks like it was launched prematurely. If you try to make a call with the app now, it won’t work. According to their Facebook page, T-Mobile has temporarily suspended the Bobsled service. Here’s what the announcement says:

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing beta launched
RIM has just launched a new app to make organizing and having teleconferences a one-click affair. Called BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, the app is available as a free download from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The app integrates to your BlackBerry Calendar so you can easily turn your existing calendar entries into conference calls, it can remind you of when your conference call is about to start and has a one click […]

Skype completely removed from HTC ThunderBolt?
When the HTC Thunderbolt was first announced, one of its main features was its ability to support Skype video calls. But as we got closer to the release of the device, Verizon mentioned that Skype wouldn’t be ready in time for its launch. And now, with the phone officially announced to arrive tomorrow Skype is not only unavailable on the Android phone, but it looks like it might never be […]

Google Voice makes calls directly from your emails
If you’re a Gmail as well as a Google Voice user, you’ll be glad to know that Google has implemented Google Voice into its Gmail services. If you receive an email with a phone number in the text, it will be turned into a link. You can simply give it a click and Google Voice’s dialpad will pop up, with the number already entered in for you. Just hit “Call” […]

Skype downtime clarified - problem with supernodes
For those of you who are affected by Skype’s downtime, fret not, help is on the way. According to a blog post on the official Skype blog, Peter Parkes, Skype’s blogger-in-chief announced that the downtime is caused by their supernodes going down. He explains that Skype isn’t like other conventional phone or IM networks – it relies on individual connections between computers and phones to keep things up and running […]