PDF is the most used format for business documents, mainly because it offers so many business oriented features. It is not that easy to edit a PDF file, making it perfect for business use, as most of the business documents are not meant to be edited. Not to mention the protection it offers, you can restrict access to a PDF completely or just some functions of it.

Along with all the handy business related functions, you can also sign a PDF. We are not talking about adding a Digital Signature, we are talking about adding an Electronic Signature. Your standard signature which you use on paper documents can also be added to a PDF document with the help of proper tools.

This is especially important when you need to agree on something or authenticate a document. Although, it might not be as protected as a Digital Signature, but still, it is quite handy at corporate level.

In this Tutorial, we will show you how you can add your signature to a PDF document in both Windows and Android.

Use Adobe Reader to Sign a PDF file

Adobe reader is the most used tool for interacting with PDF files and there is a good chance you already have it installed. If you don’t, then you can download it for free, but before clicking “Install now” button, do uncheck the McAfee “optional” installation if you don’t need it.

Along with some other handy tools, Adobe reader will also let you sign a document supporting different methods.

Just open the PDF file which you would like to sign in Adobe Reader. If there are already signature fields provided in the document, then Adobe Reader will detect them and let you access signature options with one click.

Sign-a-PDF-file (4)

If not, then click on “Fill & Sign” and from the menu that opens under it, click on “Place Signature”.

Sign-a-PDF-file (5)

Now, in the next window you will see 4 electronic signature options, you can just use the one which is easier for you and also fulfills your purpose.

Sign-a-PDF-file (6)

Type my signature

This is the basic option, just enter your name and Adobe will make a signature out of it (there are 4 total available styles). Of course, it is not a safe option as your original signature will not be used here. This option might be good for documents that are of low priority and a simple name will work just fine.

Sign-a-PDF-file (7)

Use a Webcam

This is a new option added by Adobe, sign a white paper with a pen and make sure it is big enough to easily scan.  After that, allow this feature to scan and hold the paper in front of your Webcam. Adobe reader will scan and extract the signature out of it.

Adobe reader will not just take a picture, it will scan and extract the signature from the paper, providing you a clean signature.

Draw my Signature

You can also draw your signature right on your PC using your mouse. However, as tempting as it may sound, it is actually quite hard to draw your signature perfectly using a mouse. If perfection is not what you are looking for, then just draw your signature in the white blank field and hit “Accept” to use it.

Sign-a-PDF-file (8)

Use an Image

Although, “Use a Webcam” feature gets the job done perfectly, but if you already have an image with your signature on (big and clear) then you can use this to add your signature. Just click on Browse to add the image from your computer.

Sign-a-PDF-file (9)

Once you have added your signature, you can just click on “Place Signature” and your last added signature will be shown and ready to be added.

Sign a PDF on Android

You can also add a signature to any PDF document right from your Android phone. Although, there are many other apps that will let you sign a PDF, but we are going to use the app Adobe Acrobat DC.

The app of course comes from the famous Adobe Company that is responsible for many other PDF related tools. The app itself has a 4.3/5 rating on Google Play Store and the support team seems to be quite active in solving user problems.

Download the app and launch it. You can tap on “Local” to see all the PDF files present in your phone’s memory. Just tap on the PDF file which you would like to edit to open it. You can also open the file directly from the phone’s directory and from the prompt, select Adobe Acrobat DC to open the PDF.

Sign-a-PDF-file (3)

Once opened, navigate to the area where you would like to draw your sign. Now, tap and hold the specific area until a menu opens up. From the menu, tap on “Signature” and you will be directed to a page where you can draw your signature with your finger.

Sign-a-PDF-file (1)Sign-a-PDF-file (11)

Unlike Windows version, Adobe Acrobat DC supports only “draw your signature” method. However, as compared to drawing on PC, drawing your signature on android phone is much easier. It still might not be perfect, but it will be good enough to satisfy many.

Just draw your signature, if you do it wrong on the first attempt, then tap on “Trash can” icon to remove and start over.

Sign-a-PDF-file (12)

Once you are done, just tap on “check” icon to place the signature on the area which you selected first. If the signature is not located at the right spot, then you can just tap and  move the signature to any area of the PDF.

Sign-a-PDF-file (13)Sign-a-PDF-file (2)

If you know any other reliable way to sign a PDF file or have any other questions, let us know in the comments below.

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