Battery Saver mode is available on all devices running Android 5.0 and beyond. If your device is running on an older version – and therefore doesn’t come with the particular feature – we also have helpful battery tips that you could follow.

What is Battery Saver mode?

Battery Saver mode essentially acts as an emergency responder to when your device’s battery falls under a certain percentage – usually somewhere in the range of 15% – 20%. Its aim is to keep the phone alive as long as possible, which in some cases has proved to be a lifesaver.

To make that happen, Battery Saver decreases performance and kills off many of your device’s operations that are happening in the background. That would include blocking email and social networking apps’ automatic updates, GPS tracking from third-party apps and reducing vibrations.

While the above might not sound too much of a burden to you, constant checking for new data and location tracking are actually two of the biggest consumers of your device’s battery life.

All in all, while in battery mode, your Android phone or tablet will run a bit slower and many of the background features will be turned off, though, in return, your battery life will receive a great bump.

How do I turn on/off and configure Battery Saver mode?

To find Battery Saver mode, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open your device’s Settings
  2. Look for and open the ‘Battery’ option
  3. Look for and open Battery Saver

It is worth noting that you cannot technically ‘configure’ Battery Saver mode, as the only option available to the user is toggling it on and off. While many of us would appreciate being able to change the percentage in which Battery Saver kicks in, unfortunately, such an option is not currently available.

Moreover, Battery Saver automatically turns off when the charger is plugged in.

So should I just turn Battery Saver mode off?

Short answer: we’d strongly advise against it. Even if you carry a power bank with you at all times, consider the off-chance that you forget it, and you find yourself in a situation where every single drop of battery juice is important. Additionally, the compromises made to keep the phone alive are not that dramatic.

If you encounter any problems while trying out the above or have a recommendation to make, feel free to shoot a comment down below.

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