HP was one of the OEM partners that has presented a new Snapdragon-powered laptop at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Maui, Hawaii. The HP Envy x2 is an extremely thin 12.3-inch laptop built with a detachable tablet chassis. It is essentially a thin table which attaches to a Surface Pro like keyboard/stand with strong magnets. HP Boasts about ~20 hours of video playback, and weeks of standby power.

Industrial Design

Unlike the ASUS NovaGo which tries to be a good do-it-all productivity laptop, the HP Envy x2 looks very fancy and slim. With dimensions of 293×210.2×6.9mm, it looks like a very fancy Android tablet, but it runs Windows 10 S out of the box.

If you are not familiar with Windows 10 S, it is a streamlined, more secure and optimized version of Windows that only runs apps coming from the Windows Store. You might want to check if the apps you need have a store equivalent, but many common use cases are covered, although we expect the road to be potentially bumpy as people have gotten used to download random apps off the Internet and run them. Hopefully, they have store equivalents now.


The design of the HP Envy x2 is extremely slick. We took it next to a Galaxy Note 8 with a thin case, and the laptop was noticeably thinner. This happens because the internal volume is still high thanks to large width and height dimensions.

As you look around, you will not find any vent and hot air exhaust. At the moment, Snapdragon-powered laptops are all fan-less designs, and the Thermal design point (TDP) isn’t expected even to reach 5W. Laptops commonly have a TDP of 15W, even many that use an Intel Core i3 processor, which is a less performing line of CPU products. TDP is a metric for thermal dissipation but is commonly used when talking about laptops, because it somewhat correlates with power usage (Intel made this popular). The more power is used, and the more heat is created and needs to be dissipated.

The HP Envy x2 has a single USB-C port in its machined Aluminum unibody chassis. The computer seems very rigid and feels solid.

The detachable keyboard is mostly made of plastic and works similarly to the Surface Pro keyboard: it attaches to the tablet using a powerful magnet. The keyboard also serves as a protective cover and a kick-back stand. The stand design is well-done and can accommodate al angles between 110 and 150 degrees. It is also possible to open it to 180 degrees if you want to lay the computer flat and still have a usable keyboard.

With a key travel of 1.3mm and a chiclet key layout, the keyboard feels comfortable to use during a short test. It has a little bit of flex when typing because it is so thin. In general, this is a bit detrimental to maximum comfort and typing speed (depending on your style), but the keyboard quality is high within this style of product.

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