In this article, we provide our readers with at least 5 PDF conversion options. You will learn how to convert PDF to MS office, images, PDF/A, scanned PDFs, batch conversation and more using PDFelement. Let’s find it out now.

Why Convert PDF into Other Formats like MS Office?

PDF documents are the ubiquitous medium of information transfer in the business world. The format is so widespread that there are countless PDF tools on the market today – both offline and online. So, why the need to convert PDF into another format? Here are several reasons:

  1. You may need to make edits to the original file used to create the PDF but you no longer have access to the source file.
  2. Certain data might have changed since the PDF was published and it needs to be updated.
  3. Additional media may need to be added, such as links and images.
  4. Tables might need to revert to their original form in order to add formulae.
  5. Scanned documents might need to be converted into editable or search-engine indexable PDF files without changing the file type.
  6. Files may need to be archived and therefore compliant with PDF/A ISO standards.

These a just a few reasons why someone might want to convert PDF, but in each of these cases the underlying reason is that the data needs to be edited in its native format. For example, image-based PDFs might need to be converted into JPG or PNG so they can be processed by a photo editor; or tabular data might be required in Excel format to be worked on.

Whatever the case, you need a robust way to convert PDF into whatever format you choose. This article showcases two methods – one offline and one online – to convert any PDF document into a wide range of output file types.

Method 1: Convert PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement is one of the most powerful PDF conversion tools available. The conversion modules are part of a more holistic feature set that includes editing, annotations, security, digital signing, form filling, form creation, file optimization and a lot of other capabilities. The conversion engine is powerful and accurate, yet fast enough to convert hundreds of PDFs into other formats in a relatively short amount of time.

How to Convert PDF into Office and Other Document Formats

  1. After downloading and installing Wondershare’s PDFelement, open the application and import a PDF file. You can either drag it from Explorer, use the Open File button or just use the File menu.
  2. Between the View and Edit tabs in the top menu, you will see a Convert tab. Click on it.
  3. In the ribbon toolbar right below that, you’ll see icons with various file formats. Click on the type you want to convert your PDF to. You can also get there from the File menu under Convert.
  4. In the Save As window, you can change your mind and change the file type or leave it with the default type linked to the option you clicked. Give the new file a name and hit Save.

And you’re done. Your output file will now be in the location you specified in the final step above.

How to Convert PDF into Image Files

This process is very similar to converting PDF into Word and other document formats but, in this case, you will be selecting the To Image option, as shown below:

  1. Import the file and click on the Convert tab.
  2. Click ‘To Image’ instead of any other format.
  3. In addition to the Save As window, you’ll see another popup asking you if you want to merge all the PDF content into one image, get them as one image per page, or extract just the images from mixed content. You can also change the output quality on this popup.
  4. Once you hit OK, specify a new name in the Save As window and choose another format as File Type if you want to. Click Save and the job’s done.

How to Convert PDFs as a Batch Process

The Batch Process module, which you will see on the home page of PDFelement, allows you to convert more than 100 PDFs at a time. Here’s the process to follow:

  1. Click the Batch Process module and then the Convert tab on the left sidebar of the new popup window. You can click Add to import files or just drag them from Explorer and drop them here.
  2. On the right, you’ll see the output format and other settings, which you can tweak per your preference.
  3. When you’re ready, hit the Start button and wait for the batch process to complete.

There are also other things you can do in batches, such as encryption, performing OCR, watermarking, adding Bates Numbering, and extracting data from PDF forms and tables.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

PDFelement also supports the ISO standard for archive files, also known as PDF/A. This format outlines various attributes and guidelines for PDF files and is slowly becoming a global standard. Here’s how to do it:

  1. With the document open on your desktop, click File → Convert.
  2. Choose the option that says Other PDFs.
  3. On the right, click Convert.

That’s it!

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Editable and Searchable PDF

This function lets you convert scanned documents into PDFs where you can edit the various elements. It involves performing OCR on the document (single and batch process available, as we saw above) and accurately converting it into an editable document while maintaining data integrity. This is something PDFelement does really well. Here’s how you can do it in easy steps:

  1. Open any scanned PDF and the software will automatically detect it and prompt you to “Perform OCR”
  2. Clicking on that link will open the OCR window. Here, you can opt to change the language to match the source content. You can choose multiple languages if the document is multilingual.
  3. Hit OK and wait for PDFelement to open up the newly generated PDF that is now fully editable.
  4. If required, you can further convert it into Word and other formats so they can be edited by their respective native applications.

And that’s how easy it is to use the phenomenal PDF conversion tools built into PDFelement. Please note that the OCR is a premium plug-in that comes as a complementary add-on to a PDFelement Pro license.

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