Whether you have a full shooting plan or just want to make a vlog on the spur of the moment with an iPhone, you cannot capture all the “wow” moments for many reasons – short-lived events, limited shooting views and gears, lack of experience in videography, and so forth.

Some editing techniques can make up for it, but are hard to learn, and may ultimately drain off all of your passion. Fortunately, now you can offload everything to VideoProc Vlogger, a FREE desktop video editor with intelligent solutions to non-linear video editing.

VideoProc Vlogger by Digiarty Software, Inc. has recently launched. With insights on new vlog editing needs, it provides a streamlined workflow, better support for 4K/HDR videos from iPhone, GoPro, DJI, and DSLRs, and many unique features for creativity and fun, including motion cropping, speed ramping, color grading, auto music beat detecting, etc.

One of the most expected features is the Motion Editor. Innovatively, VideoProc Vlogger achieved variable fast/slow-motion effects in one click. Users of all levels are empowered to create professional-looking videos without tiring settings on keyframes, transformation speed, and reframing.

Advantages of VideoProc Vlogger Motion Editor

By reframing the footage and adjusting the transformation speed of it, you can insert incredible energy into a plain video, thus directing the audiences’ attention, introducing new information, and creating different atmospheres. But controlling the motion elements in the frames means loads of complicated work for both editors and programs.

And this is where the Motion Editor in VideoProc Vlogger comes to aid. It arranges the workflow in a smart way and compiles multiple effects into presets. Here are three overall advantages of this feature.

1. Cinematic camera movements made easier than ever

Learning from iconic camera movements in filmmaking, this software gathers 28 motion presets and makes your footage look like being shot in that way.

With these camera movement presets, everyone can make cinematic vlogs, travel videos, and sports videos out of plain clips in a single click.

You can find all the counterparts for the basic camera movements in it, such as pan, zoom, dolly, truck, pedestal, and roll. Moreover, it has a bunch of creative motion presets. Some of them employ multiple camera movements at a time, e.g. Zoom Rotate, and some come in unique moving paths, e.g. Scan, Jump, Heartbeat, etc.

2. Dynamic cropping and reframing

Everything in a video is changing constantly, but many video croppers stay in a fixed position and can’t catch up with a moving object, such as a skater, a running dog, a car on the highway, etc.

While in the Motion Editor, you are empowered to do dynamic cropping and reframing. When the focused object moves, the frame size or the aspect ratio changes together with it.

Dynamic cropping and reframing are applied in many other scenarios. For instance, crop to highlight something in your video, convert a horizontal video (16:9) to vertical for TikTok (9:16) and Instagram (4:5), and sometimes, you can even use it as a transition or a cinematic opening in vlogs.

3. Keyframe motion for infinite creativity

What you can benefit from the Motion Editor is never limited to the presets. The Motion Editor gives you full control over the video frame size, the motion path, the duration, the angle, and the movement speed. For more advanced and personalized outcomes, you can customize it to your specific needs.

But it’s much more user-friendly than other intimidating tools. It is designed with two keyframe management modes – Visual for intuitive operations and List for accuracy. Besides, all the changes can be previewed in real-time so that you can modify and reset whenever you want.

How to Use VideoProc Vlogger Motion Editor

Assuming that you’ve finished the rough cut in VideoProc Vlogger and are going to add more energy to the footage, click Motion in the toolbar to open a sub-panel. Then you have two options:

1. Use Motion Presets in VideoProc Vlogger

Step 1. Drag the playhead to the position where you want the frame to start to change.

Step 2. Browse the motion presets above the timeline. Click to +Add on the effect and preview the result. If it turns out to be the undesired effect, you can reset and add another motion effect.

Step 3. After adding a preset motion effect, you are also allowed to adjust keyframes at will.

Step 4. Hit the Apply button to save the changes and close the sub-panel.

2. Customize Motion Effects in VideoProc Vlogger

Step 1. Put the playhead where you want the footage to begin changing and click Add Keyframe above the timeline.

Step 2. After inserting a keyframe, you can adjust its size by dragging the box on the source window. For detailed settings, move to the keyframing bar at the bottom.

Step 3. Drag the playhead on the timeline where the motion runs into its second stage. And insert and adjust the second keyframe.

Step 4. Continue adding and adjusting the keyframe until the final result is achieved.

Step 5. Click Apply and get back to the main UI to do other edits or export the video.

Final Words

This free video editing software made it possible for everyone to become a great vlogger. The variable slow/fast motion effects in the Motion Editor can turn any video at hand into stunning vlogs that you once admired.

Now, get to know more about what makes VideoProc Vlogger superb, and start your vlog with it!

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