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AAXA LED Showtime 3D Projector
We have seen some projectors from AAXA in the past, and here we are with something totally different – the AAXA LED Showtime 3D Projector. It will make use of a next generation Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) projection technology that works alongside a high resolution 1280×800 DLP imager, where LEDs are said to be superior to lamp based projectors as it will directly inject red, green, and blue light into the projection […]

BenQ unveils W7000 3D home cinema projector
Looking for a home cinema project capable of 3D projection? Well if you happen to be in a market for such a projector, the good news is that BenQ may have something in store for you in the form of the W7000, which is apparently the first projector in the world to be accredited with the TUV Rheinland 3D Full HD Certification.

LG 3D projector for your living room
So you have a 3D capable HDTV sitting in your living room, but what happens when you feel that the viewing real estate is not large enough to accommodate what your eyes (and that of visitors) demand? I suppose the next logical step would be to acquire an even larger 3DTV, but assuming you maxed that out during your previous purchase, what other alternatives do you have to fall back […]

Panasonic PT-AE7000U Full HD 3D home theater projector
Whenever you walk into the doors of any electronics store or showcase, surely your eyes will be drawn to the bevy of super slim displays out there, many of them sporting extremely thin bezels and playing the more recent blockbusters. Sometimes, there are even invitations for you to enjoy 3D viewing, and more often than not, you would see Avatar being played. Well, TVs are one thing, but if you […]


Sony VPL-HW30ES projector does 3D in your living room
3D HDTVs are not new, and while manufacturers have rolled them out in considerable number this year, the adoption rate isn’t really that high – at least, not as high as the manufacturers intended in the first place. Even moviegoers do not really find 3D films to be that appealing once the initial wow factor has worn off, as movie studios have admitted to that. Well, for those who want […]

Mitsubishi LVP-HC9000D SXRD 3D video projector
Want to go 3D? You can’t really go wrong with the Mitsubishi LVP-HC9000D SXRD 3D video projector then, as this 240Hz SXRD video projector will boast TrueFILM and TrueVIDEO features, boasting of a contrast ratio of 120,000:1 as well as a 1,000 lumens brightness capacity on a 230W lamp. While that will keep your audience smiling, its price tag of $7,250 thereabouts might not have the same effect on your […]

3D makes a splash in British classrooms
Just before you come to the conclusion that stereoscopic 3D effects are just meant for movies and the video game crowd, along comes a new method of getting the message across to students – with pupils in Biology class figuring out how a chest works while wearing 3D glasses and having a 3D-enabled projector churn out those images. The 3D thorax that caused a whole lot of excitement actually elicited […]

Sony VPL-VW90ES makes debut at CEDIA
Sony knows that they have a potential winner in the form of the VPL-VW90ES, where this $10,000 monster is the first 3D-capable projector from Sony to be introduced to the market. Interesting things, trends. Earlier this year on the CES showfloor, we saw 3D TVs being touted as the next big thing, and here we have 3D projectors popping up all over the place like mushrooms. Relying on SXRD technology […]

Mitsubishi Diamond 3D projector on its way
While the Diamond 3D projector from Mitsubishi is not official yet, it has been confirmed and should hit the market pretty soon. Featuring full HD resolution support and being based on Sony’s SXRD liquid crystal on silicon technique that will work in tandem with Mitsubishi’s own software, it can deliver images which are larger than 100 inches even at 120,000:1 contrast ratio levels. As for the entire six-piece, 17-cluster optics, […]

Sharp XV-Z17000 3D-ready DLP projector
Sharp has a spanking new XV-Z17000 3D-ready DLP projector that is being prepared to hit the mass market, relying on a solitary chip DLP design that delivers contrast ratios of up to 30,000:1 alongside a brightness level of up to 1,600 ANSI lumens. Good thinking on Sharp’s part to keep their new customers happy by including a couple of 3D glasses inside to help you get started out of the […]

Sony VW90ES 3D home cinema projector hits the ground running at IFA 2010
Hmmm, stereoscopic 3D TVs aren’t the only hot ticket items around, as the Sony VW90ES 3D home cinema projector will certainly have some people torn between the two when it comes to making a purchase decision. Capable of projecting full 1080p HD video, this won’t come cheap – we’re pretty sure about that. You will also be able to use this for everyday 3D and 2D gaming/movie use, but make […]

iPad 3D Projector Can Render 3D Objects For The Naked Eye
Every device under the sun seems to be getting 3D capabilities one way or another nowadays, and now Aircord Labs has released a proof of concept video demonstrating an iPad with 3D capabilities that is visible to the naked eye. This is possible due to a specially designed projector that beams images into a pyramid shaped screen, allowing users to control the floating images, as if they were really floating […]

Sanyo Introduces Its New 3D Supporting Ultra Short Focus Projector
Sanyo has just unveiled its new ultra-short focus projector in a press conference over at their Tokyo branch. While the new WXGA projector, the PDG-DWL2500J, boasts the world’s shortest projection distance for projectors up to 9kg, we’re more interested in the fact that it supports 3D projection with the help of active shutter glasses. In case you need a real world example of its projection capabilities, it’s capable of spitting […]

InFocus and Lightspeed work together to offer low-cost 3D projectors
We know that stereoscopic 3D is gaining traction these days, but the equipment might just be a wee bit out of reach for most folks still. Well, InFocus knows of such a predicament, and hence has teamed up with Lightspeed to roll out a range of low-cost 3D projectors which are meant to see action in classrooms, with medical students touted to be the primary benefactors. It seems that a […]