Just before you come to the conclusion that stereoscopic 3D effects are just meant for movies and the video game crowd, along comes a new method of getting the message across to students – with pupils in Biology class figuring out how a chest works while wearing 3D glasses and having a 3D-enabled projector churn out those images. The 3D thorax that caused a whole lot of excitement actually elicited more interested responses from the students, where among them being “So cool”, “It’s huge”, “I thought the diaphragm was a flat muscle,” and “I didn’t realise it wasn’t under the ribs”. Of course, we await the day where one is able to hold and manipulate a 3D diagram in one’s hands – just like how Tony Stark did in the movie. 3D in the classroom could be here for the long run, but we’re guessing only well-funded schools and educational institutions will be able to “enjoy” such a bounty, while others living in developing countries will still have to rely on good ol’ imagination in understanding a particularly difficult concept.

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