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How To Fix Error Loading Player: No playable Source found
‘Error loading player: No playable source found‘ – you usually end up encountering this issue if the browser you happen to use does not allow Flash to run or maybe you need to re-install Flash manually for the browsers you want to use. In this article, we will talk about 3 simple solutions that will help you resolve the issue.

Adobe Flash Will Finally Die In 2020
The Adobe Flash web technology has long enabled content creators to offer interactive online gaming, video, and education services but Flash has also long struggled with malware and vulnerabilities. There are much better and safer web technologies available now. No wonder major web browsers have been automatically blocking Flash. Adobe itself has confirmed today that it’s finally going to kill Flash by the end of 2020.

Google Details How It's Going To Phase Out Flash From Chrome
Google announced earlier this year that it’s eventually going to phase out Adobe Flash with HTML5 by default to provide Chrome users with a safer and more power-efficient experience. It has been reminding us of its intention to follow through on this. The company has now taken to its official blog to detail just how it’s going to phase out Flash from Chrome and how long the entire exercise is […]

Chrome Will Block Flash Content Starting Next Month
Google has hammered another nail in Adobe Flash’s proverbial coffin. In a blog post today the company sang praises of Flash and acknowledged the “pivotal role” it has played in the adoption of gaming, video, and animation on the internet. It pointed out that most websites are now using HTML5 to provide better security, faster page load times, and reduced power consumption, which is why Google Chrome is going to […]


Firefox Starts Blocking Non-Essential Flash Content Next Month
Flash is gradually being phased out online in light of the stability, performance and security issues that it opens up web browsers to. Mozilla today detailed how it’s going to handle Flash content in Firefox going forward. Starting next month, Firefox is going to block all non-essential Flash content while keeping support for legacy Flash content. This is being done in the interest of improving security, page load times and […]

How To Install Flash On Android
With the release of latest Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, Google officially parted ways with Adobe Flash. Jelly Bean OS (Android 4.3) didn’t really support Flash either but there were simpler workarounds and tweaks to enable Flash support on Android JellyBean. However, the latest iteration of Android OS completely ditches Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5.

Microsoft to offer Flash update for Windows 8
We do not look favorably upon the use of relative terms when it comes to upcoming releases and updates, where “soon” and “shortly” could mean very different things depending on the context and situation. However, it cannot be helped, as sometimes that is just the case as it is. Microsoft issued an official statement touting that Windows 8 users will be on the receiving end of critical security updates for […]

Adobe Flash 11 for Android 4.0 updated
Adobe might have killed off the mobile Flash platform, but at least they are a company of their word – they have, after all, promised to update their Flash for Android client in order to support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and have kept to their promise with the latest update nudging Flash to version This new update will not change the functionality at all beyond simply including support […]

Adobe blames Apple for the death of Flash Player for mobile
Earlier this week, Adobe announced that it would be killing off Flash for mobile browsers, but it didn’t give a reason to why it was doing so. And for those of you who are curious, Mike Chambers, the Principal Product manager for the Flash Platform at Adobe has finally spoken up, confirming pretty much what we’ve suspected all along. The death of Flash Player for mobile browsers was mainly because […]

Adobe Flash Player rolls out one last time for mobile platform
Let us have a minute’s silence with word that Adobe has released their final version of the Flash Player for the range of Android devices and the BlackBerry PlayBook, although the company did pencil in a promise for future updates. I guess things will stop at version 11.1 – perhaps it has something to do with today’s date or a mere coincidence, I am not quite sure. Still, this final […]

Ubergizmo's Gaming Digest #2: Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Wii U, PS Vita and More
The gaming news world moves fast. Every day, thousands of nuggets of new gaming info drips out like a leaky faucet. We understand that most people don’t have the time to keep up with every single gaming blog, but what the to stay on top of the most important news. In addition to the gaming coverage that we bring to you daily, we’re dishing out a weekly feature that’ll keep […]

Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 announced and ready for downloads
Adobe has just announced the availability of the Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 for downloads later today at the Adobe MAX event in Los Angeles, so those who have been hankering after both pieces of software will be able to point their browsers towards the download links at 2100 hours (PT) for both desktops as well as supported mobile platforms such as Android and the Amazon Marketplace.

Adobe and Sony work to deliver special Android apps for new Sony tablets
We do know that Sony has a couple of tablet devices which are being prepared to rock our world – namely the S1 and S2. Well, it is nice of Sony to work closely with Adobe, as the former launched the ‘Adobe AIR App Challenge Sponsored by Sony’ that intends to see a breakthrough when it comes to innovative Android applications for either tablet. To put it in a nutshell, […]

No Adobe Flash and PDF for 3DS web browser
In addition to getting that Nintendo eShop and Pokedex 3D update on June 6, the other major update is the web browser’s debut on the Nintendo 3DS.Unlike the web browser in the Wii and Nintendo DS that was powered by Opera, the 3DS’ will be made by NetFront, the same company that has made browsers for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. And just like the Internet Browser on the […]

Adobe Flash Player on Android hits version 10.3
Adobe has just plugged more security holes and introduced additional enhancements to their Adobe Flash Player on the Android platform, bumping the version number up to 10.3 in the process. Amongst the changes as quoted verbatim would include as follows :-Flash Player 10.3 is the newest runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. For a general overview […]

Latest Apple OS X update comprises of nearly half Adobe Flash fixes
Apple’s most recent OS X update has yielded some pretty interesting information – we’re talking about 40% of the fixes targeting nothing but Adobe Flash out of the 130 plus bugs corrected. Could this be one of the main reasons why Steve Jobs decided that Flash isn’t really suitable for mobile devices, since the platform does seem to be pretty vulnerable, making it a snap for hackers with devious intent […]

Adobe confirms Google's Gingerbread launch
Adobe might have accidentally confirmed the arrival of Google’s Gingerbread update by posting updates to the AIR 2.5 and Flash 10.1 for Android. In the update release notes, it was explicitly mentioned that the updates will play nice with Android 2.3, where the latter was already completed last month but wasn’t made official just yet. Both updates will also fix security exploits so that your smartphone remains secure during use […]

Play Pong With HTML5 And Flash At The Same Time
We already know that Apple isn’t too happy about the idea of Flash on iOS devices, and there are plenty of HTML5 vs Adobe Flash battles being fought out there too. We don’t expect to see a clear winner anytime soon, but the folks over at Code Computerlove have come up with a simple game to illustrate a point that both technologies can survive on the Internet without having to […]

Google Chrome Browser Gets Native Flash Support
Google has released an updated version of its Chrome web browser that has Adobe’s Flash enabled by default, which should bring a happy smile to the folks over at Adobe. This will make things easier for users as they won’t have to download the plug-in separately, and it could also help mitigate crashes as it sandboxes the plug-in, preventing failures from compromising the tab or the whole browser itself. In […]

Patch For Adobe Flash Player, Reader And Acrobat Vulnerabilities Coming
Do you remember the critical Adobe Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat security issues that we highlighted to you a few days back? Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the fix for Flash Player will be available by Thursday, June 10th, which is just a few hours away. The bad news is that the fix for Adobe Reader and Acrobat will only be available […]