Adobe has just announced the availability of the Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 for downloads later today at the Adobe MAX event in Los Angeles, so those who have been hankering after both pieces of software will be able to point their browsers towards the download links at 2100 hours (PT) for both desktops as well as supported mobile platforms such as Android and the Amazon Marketplace.

Do expect to see plenty of attention trained on hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics rendering via Stage 3D which will be released for Mac OS, Windows and connected TVs. Touted to offer up to a thousand times faster rendering performance compared to Flash Player 10 and AIR 2, this theoretically means developers are able to animate millions of objects with smooth 60 frames per second rendering and deliver console-quality games – although I do think that this boast will certainly be rather challenging to live up to. What do you think?

The production release that supports 3D for mobile platforms is also tipped to ship in an upcoming release, where dozens of additional new features will enable developers to deliver a new class of gaming and premium video experiences, apart from sophisticated, data-driven apps with back-end systems integration across devices and platforms like Android, Apple iOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows and connected TVs amongst others. Can you wait for the day to be over? [Press Release]

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