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Update Bricks Smart Lock, Prevents Guests From Entering Airbnb Homes
A smart lock sounds like it would be a great idea. A lock that you can unlock using your phone, a lock that you can generate codes and give to guests like friends and family, it almost seems like smart locks are the way of the future, but recently a situation involving Airbnb homes and smart locks have hinted that maybe that future isn’t quite here yet.

Airbnb Has More Listings Than The Top Five Hotel Brands Combined
Airbnb has certainly changed the way we travel because for travellers looking for accommodation that is cheaper than a hotel, Airbnb is usually a good place to start. Not to mention sometimes certain locations might actually be more convenient than a hotel, or could offer up a better insight into a country or area because it is in a less touristy area.

Airbnb And Apple’s ARKit Seem Like A Match Made In Heaven
Given that every home is laid out differently, if you’re someone who uses Airbnb a lot when you travel, you’re probably aware that where one host might keep certain things won’t necessarily be the same with another, especially if you’re in a foreign country where they speak a different language.

Airbnb To Bolster Its Background Checking Efforts With Acquisition
With every service and product launched out there, there are bound to be those who want to make a quick buck by running scams. For example eBay scams are pretty common, and so are Airbnb scams which can affect both guests looking to book an accommodation, and hosts who are looking to rent out their properties.


Airbnb In Japan Has Finally Been Legalized
Japan is not a cheap country and if you look at hotel rates online, many are pretty expensive for what they offer. This has allowed services such as Airbnb to thrive where they aren’t quite as restrictive compared to hotels in terms of number of guests, and for the most part are bigger and more affordable.

Airbnb Will Now Guide Guests Through The Check-In Process
Unlike hotels when it comes to checking into an Airbnb location, different hosts have different rules. For example there are some hosts who are completely hands off and will just give you instructions and notes on how to get to the location, where to get your key, and so on, while there are some who might meet you at a train station or the location and guide you in.

Airbnb’s New Security Tools Will Help Prevent Account Takeovers
Operating an Airbnb means that you have to be OK with the idea of strangers living in your home, which also means that there is also a chance that they could leave your home damaged or maybe even steal stuff. We suppose that’s just the risk one has to take, although a recent report from BuzzFeed News revealed that hackers have been using Airbnb to rob homes.

Airbnb Flight Booking Tool Being Developed
Airbnb is a service that allows you to rent a room or an entire place in countless cities across the globe. If you have a spare room in your home, you can easily put it up for rent on Airbnb and host travelers from all across the globe. It’s a good way to earn some money on the side or settle for cheap accommodation in a new city. Apparently, Airbnb […]

Airbnb Now Requires Hosts To Agree To A Nondiscrimination Policy
It is a bit disappointing that despite how far we’ve come in terms of technology that we are still sometimes a bit backwards in society by discriminating others based on aspects that sometimes other people have no control over. While we can’t fix the whole of society just yet, Airbnb wants to do their part with a new nondiscrimination policy.

It's Now Illegal To List Short-Term Rentals On Airbnb In New York
A bill has been signed into law by New York governor Andrew Cuomo which is going to make it very difficult for Airbnb to operate in the state. The law makes it illegal to list short-term rentals on Airbnb, rentals have to be for more than 30 days for not to be considered illegal under this new law. The state already doesn’t allow rentals of 30 days or less in […]

Airbnb Reportedly Working On A Trip Planning App
For those who travel and hate the exorbitant rates of hotels, Airbnb is a good alternative. This is because Airbnb rentals aren’t controlled by hotels, meaning that they get to set whatever rate that they want, which in some cases can be cheaper than going to a hotel and sometimes even more worth it.

Airbnb To Start Collecting Taxes For Rentals In Los Angeles
Home-sharing service Airbnb has been involved with several cities in negotiations over taxes and it has wrapped up the negotiation today with at least one major city: Los Angeles. According to a report, the service has agreed with L.A. city officials to start collecting lodging taxes from hosts that rent out their entire place or just a room using Airbnb. This taxation opens up a new source of revenue for […]

Airbnb Wants Hosts And Guests To Interact More
Airbnb is a great option if you’re looking for somewhere to stay that could be cheaper than hotels, and house a lot more people than a regular hotel room would. However it seems that apart from booking a room and sending messages back and forth via Airbnb, interaction between the host and guests are a bit limited.

Berlin Bans Entire Apartment Rentals On Airbnb
If you live in Berlin and often rent your apartment through Airbnb or a similar service then you might want to pay attention. The city has decided to ban entire apartment rentals on online services like Airbnb, this means that apartment owners can’t effectively transform their place into a makeshift hotel. The city hasn’t banned these services completely but it has put in place certain restrictions which residents now have […]

Airbnb Wants To Match You With Your Ideal Host
When searching for a place to stay on Airbnb, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Location is one of them, price is also an important factor to consider, facilities, and etc. However it seems that Airbnb is working on a feature that will potentially help you match with your ideal host.

Airbnb Cuba Listings Now Open To The World
President Obama will be out of office after a few months and when people will talk about the legacy he leaves behind, they’ll surely mention the thawing of relations with Cuba. The United States placed a trade embargo on the island several decades ago and effectively cut off all ties until recently. Businesses based in the United States are gradually being allowed to operate in Cuba and Airbnb is one […]

Airbnb Will Soon Let Neighbors Give Feedback On Hosts
Airbnb is a great solution for those who are looking for value for money accommodation while on holiday. Usually prices found on Airbnb are cheaper than that of a hotel, and in some cases much more value for money as some homes are better located and are bigger. We suppose the only downside is that it lacks hotel-like services, but if you’re just after a bed to crash after a […]

College Student Rents Out Dorm On Airbnb, Gets In Trouble
Have a spare bedroom in your home that you’re not using? Or maybe you have a property that you just can’t seem to rent out on a long-term, or maybe you have a holiday home that doesn’t get used save for 1 month in the year. Thanks to Airbnb, you spare room or home will not go to waste, and you get to make some money in the process.

Igloo Built During Blizzard Listed On Airbnb
Talk about grasping at an opportunity during a time of crisis – three guys decided to make the most of the recent blizzard and ended up with a rather hilarious joke that gave them their 15 minutes of fame at the same time. We are talking about a listing for an igloo over on Airbnb, which was constructed by Patrick Horton, Griff Jones and Justin Seeley. In the Airbnb listing […]

Refugee Hero Is The Airbnb For Refugees
We’re sure by now many of you guys have heard that Europe is currently facing a refugee crisis. There is said to be over four million Syrian refugees who are attempting to flee their country’s civil war and are coming over to Europe in hopes of a better life. Now whether you think Europe should welcome them with open arms is a debate for another day.That being said, three 20-something […]