Economy Air Travel Could Improve With Consumer-Friendly Legislation

Traveling by air used to be something that only the privileged few were able to afford, but it looks like things have taken a turn these days, where only Business Class and First Class seats are a whole lot more comfortable, while those in Cattle Class – er, Economy, squeeze it out by battling for legroom as well as arm space. It looks like there will be more consumer-friendly legislation […]

Samoan Airline Begins Charging Passengers By Their Body Weight

People who are considered medically to be obese have always had issues when it came to air travel as nobody wants to sit near you and the airlines tend to treat you terribly just because of your weight. It looks as though things aren’t going to get any easier for those of you who are carrying a bit of extra personal baggage as Somoa Air is introducing a pricing policy […]

This Amazing Time-Lapse Shows How Twitchy Jumbo Jets Really Are

Here’s a great use of time-lapse photography to show a side of aviation that is rarely seen. This is a procession of jumbo jets (B747, A340, B777) flying into Heathrow airport in London. Since it’s a time-lapse video, it’s sped up 17x faster than normal, and as a result you see the jets jumping in a way that doesn’t inspire confidence (although flying is actually very safe). Also, the moving clouds […]

American Airlines will equip flight attendants with Galaxy Note

Airlines have been using tablets and smartphones as part of the official in-flight gear for some time now. For instance, we reported earlier that American Airlines planned on providing Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 for in-flight entertainment as far back as 2011. And now, the airline has decided to equip its flight attendants with Galaxy Note. The press release by the company shows off a 5.3-inch version which probably means that […]


Climate-Controlled Airline Seats On Their Way

Ever felt too cold during a flight? Or too hot, for that matter? Researchers are now working to devise a solution to tackle that. Work is being done at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics to create such airline seats which could provide the passengers with different climatic options. With the help of the new specially designed airline seats, passengers will be able to adjust the temperature of their seats as […]

Airline tail fin flash drives for your notebook

We’ve seen plenty of novel flash drives over the years, but what about flash drives that give your notebook a wing/tail fin? These drives are made by Bader Models and feature iconic airlines, even old-school ones like Pan-Am. While they definitely look unique, they won’t come cheap, though, as the 4GB version is priced at $53 and the 32GB version is priced at $120. Do you think it would fly […]

New Airline Seat Design Turns Economy Class Into Cattle Class

We’ve all alluded to euphemisms of being packed like cattle when traveling coach, but SkyRider’s newly designed space-saving airline seats will take that a step further by cramming more cramped seats into jetliners that already have cramped seats to begin. The new seats will have users sitt perched on top of a contour molded seat cushion design that’s akin to a saddle. The seats don’t recline, and because these seats […]

Free In-flight Wi-fi on Virgin America by Google

Yesterday, I was invited by Virgin America to the opening flight San Francisco-Fort Lauderdale and I tested the free in-flight wi-fi, courtesy of Google during the Holiday season (ends January 15th, sigh). It worked very well: the login time is very fast unlike when I had to go through the payment process on Gogo Inflight Internet website, the user interface was terrible and it often returned error messages. The most […]