People who are considered medically to be obese have always had issues when it came to air travel as nobody wants to sit near you and the airlines tend to treat you terribly just because of your weight. It looks as though things aren’t going to get any easier for those of you who are carrying a bit of extra personal baggage as Somoa Air is introducing a pricing policy that charges its passengers by their body weight.

A passenger would be required to not only enter the weight of their baggage, but for themselves as well at the time of booking. The combined weight will be used to calculate the price of the ticket, with its values being verified at the airport by weighing customers and their bags. The reason for the introduction of this new policy is due the Samoa Air’s fleet of aircrafts largely being made up of 12-seater aircrafts, which means the passengers and their bags need to be factored in to have a safe takeoff. It also doesn’t help that Samoans are known to carry a few extra pounds.

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