Ever felt too cold during a flight? Or too hot, for that matter? Researchers are now working to devise a solution to tackle that. Work is being done at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics to create such airline seats which could provide the passengers with different climatic options.

With the help of the new specially designed airline seats, passengers will be able to adjust the temperature of their seats as well as get a feel of fresh air. The air inlets which are designed to furnish air are noiseless and positioned such that the passenger wouldn’t be able to exactly locate them.
According to the head of ‘indoor climate’ department at the Institute, Dr. Gunnar Grun, “You need various components that we engineered within the consortium. Humidifier units deliver greater humidity; air purifier technologies filter unwanted substances from the air; optimized vents allow fresh air to flow in, and the passengers can set their own personal comfort temperatures through the seat heaters, just like the ones we find in cars today.”

This can prove to be a great step forward in bolstering the passenger comfort during flights. It may sound a tad bit futuristic but the folks over at IBP are already working on it and we can hope to see the feature in airlines within a few years.

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