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PG&E Should Try This ALPS Drone For Fully Automated Power Grid Inspections
ALPS, known for its in-car electronics components has put together a Done system that can autonomously inspect powerline infrastructure.

Alps Alpine Indoor Positioning For Drones
Alps Alpine has been working on an indoor navigation system that would enable a very precise location acquisition, good enough to let autonomous drones fly accurately and safely for monitoring missions, among other things.

Alps Alpine Next-Gen Driving Experience
As cars become more packed with sensors, computers, and connectivity, the possibilities to enhance the driver’s experience expand exponentially. Alps Alpine looks at how future components and technologies can change the driver experience from end to end.

ALPS Haptic Reactor Quadra Will Probably Power Your Next-Gen Gaming Controller
Few people know this, but 80% of game controllers use at least one ALPS component, like their directional joystick controller. The Haptic Reactor is a force-feedback vibration device that just got upgraded and demonstrated at CEATEC 2018.


ALPS Shows Next Generation Car Input And Control At CEATEC
When it comes to car interfaces and interiors, demos from companies such as ALPS often offer a peek into the near future, because the company is a huge component supplier to the automotive industry.

ALPS Sensor Might Spell Breakthrough For Wearable Health Devices
[CEATEC 2015] Aren’t we all a conscious lot where our health and well being are concerned? Unfortunately, many people will only do something about their health when they are diagnosed with something unpleasant which might require a combination of therapy and treatment, or just one of the two. Well, with more and more wearable devices hitting the market lately, why not throw in a sensor that can help keep tabs […]