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You No Longer Have To Talk To Use Amazon Echo Show
Amazon is rolling out an entirely different way of using its Echo Show smart display. If you don’t feel like giving the device voice commands you’re no longer bound to. The “Tap to Alexa” mode is a new addition to the device which lets you do what the name suggests, control the smart display using its touchscreen instead of voice commands.

YouTube For Amazon Echo Show Is Back
Google decided to cut the Amazon Echo Show’s access to YouTube back in September. The Echo Show is the first Alexa-powered device from Amazon that comes with its own display. This enables the device to more than what you can do with any other Echo device. It was possible to view YouTube videos on it previously until Google decided to yank support. Amazon Echo Show owners will be delighted to […]

Amazon Echo Show Gets A $30 Price Cut As Sales Drop
Amazon launched the Echo Show back in June this year. It’s the first Echo device ever to feature a display. Customers liked the fact that it can do so much more than your average Echo, including the ability to stream videos from YouTube. Well, it could do that until a few days back when Google dropped support for the device. Sales of the device have probably taken a turn for […]

Google Reportedly Building Its Amazon Echo Show Rival
You might remember that Google recently decided to cut YouTube access on the Amazon Echo Show, Amazon’s first Alexa-powered device with a display. Who knows when this issue between the two companies will end, but it appears that Google has plans of ramping up the competition for the Echo Show. According to a new report, Google is building its own Echo Show rival.


Google Cuts Amazon Echo Show's Access To YouTube
It appears that Google and Amazon are having some problems. The former has decided to cut the Amazon Echo Show’s access to YouTube out of the blue. The Echo Show is a new Alexa-powered smart device that Amazon launched recently. It’s the first device of its kind from Amazon to feature a display, which means that it can do more than what you’d expect from a normal Echo device. It […]

4K HDR Sony TVs Get Amazon Echo Support
You will soon be able to control your 4K HDR Sony TV with an Amazon Echo. Sony has announced today that a new firmware update is going to be released later this month which will bring Amazon Echo compatibility to select TV models. The press release states that users with an Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot will be able to control the TVs. This suggests that perhaps this […]

Amazon Echo Show Price And Specs Officially Confirmed
We had been hearing reports recently that Amazon has a new Echo product in the pipeline. In was said to be the first Echo device with a touchscreen. We even saw a leaked render of this product a couple of days ago and today, the company has made the official announcement. It has officially confirmed the price and specs of the Amazon Echo Show.