Amazon is rolling out an entirely different way of using its Echo Show smart display. If you don’t feel like giving the device voice commands you’re no longer bound to. The “Tap to Alexa” mode is a new addition to the device which lets you do what the name suggests, control the smart display using its touchscreen instead of voice commands.

Not only will this help people who don’t feel like giving Alexa voice commands all the time but even those who have speech impairments. They will just as easily be able to control the device by using the touchscreen.

Amazon Echo Show owners can enable the Tap to Alexa mode by going into the Settings menu followed by accessibility and toggling the feature on. Amazon will display common Alexa questions such as timers, weathers, and traffic conditions on the display.

Users will have the ability to customize their requests that they can then have Alexa to in response to a simple tap on the display. The shortcuts can also be arranged by the user as per their preferences.

The new keyboard icon will let users type our specific commands as and when required. The Tap to Alexa mode has now been rolled out to Echo Show users. They can find it in the relevant menu mentioned above.

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