Amazon launched the Echo Show back in June this year. It’s the first Echo device ever to feature a display. Customers liked the fact that it can do so much more than your average Echo, including the ability to stream videos from YouTube. Well, it could do that until a few days back when Google dropped support for the device. Sales of the device have probably taken a turn for the worse and Amazon has now discounted the Echo Show by $30 for the first time.

The Echo Show was originally launched for $229 back in June. You can head over to Amazon right now and purchase one for $199.

Amazon hasn’t given any reasons for cutting the price. However, it was recently reported by Variety that sales of the Amazon Echo Show have plunged after Google pulled support for YouTube from the device.

The company might be countering the drop in sales by cutting the price, thus giving prospective customers an incentive to spend their money on this product. The uncertainty surrounding YouTube’s future on this device still remains.

Google and Amazon have yet to sort out their issues and until that happens, we may not see a return of YouTube on the Echo Show.

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