Articles about Amazon Video

Amazon 4K Content Prices Cut
Apple recently launched its 4K compatible Apple TV set-top box. The company announced at the event that it was adding 4K content to the iTunes Store for the same price as HD content. It was also going to upgrade all previously purchased HD movies to 4K for free so that customers could stream them in gorgeous 4K HDR. It appears that Amazon has now responded to Apple’s move by cutting […]

Amazon Video 4K Streaming Now Works On Xbox One S
There are a handful of content streaming apps that already provide 4K streaming on the Xbox One S and now owners of this console can also stream 4K content from Amazon Video. It has been confirmed that the Amazon Video app for Xbox One S now supports 4K streaming. It has gained the ability to stream content in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution on the Xbox One.

Amazon Video App For Apple TV May Arrive This Summer
Amazon’s online video streaming service is a serious player in its own right. It has a massive library of licensed content as well as a growing catalog of great original TV shows and movies. It’s right up there with the best of them. However, Apple TV owners have been unable to stream content from Amazon Video as no official app is available. If a new report is believed, the official […]

Amazon Open To Streaming Content Through Cable Boxes
Amazon’s efforts in the entertainment space have largely been limited to building its own devices and promoting its own ecosystem but the company isn’t interested in only living inside its bubble, so to speak. Amazon has said that it’s open to the idea of streaming content through cable operators’ set-top boxes. It would be a move similar to the one Netflix has made in the United States and Europe. This […]


Amazon Makes Pilot Episodes Of 10 Original Series Free To Watch
Amazon is also in the video streaming business and it creates some great original series for Prime Video. If you’ve heard about some of its most popular shows and have been meaning to check them out but don’t have a Prime subscription, you will be happy to find out that today Amazon has made pilot episodes of ten of its most popular original series free to watch.

Amazon Video Allows Content Download To SD Cards
One of the biggest reasons why someone would consider subscribing to Amazon Video over Netflix is that the former allows subscribers to download content for offline viewing. Even though Netflix hasn’t completely ruled it out the company is yet to offer this feature. Amazon Video has made it even easier for Android users to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies on the go. They can now download content from […]

Dolby Vision HDR Content Now Available From Amazon Video
Amazon is among the few online video streaming services that currently offer content streaming high dynamic range or HDR. It started offering 4K HDR content last year and today it announced support for another, and better, HDR format. Dolby Vision HDR content is now available for streaming from Amazon Video.