Apple recently launched its 4K compatible Apple TV set-top box. The company announced at the event that it was adding 4K content to the iTunes Store for the same price as HD content. It was also going to upgrade all previously purchased HD movies to 4K for free so that customers could stream them in gorgeous 4K HDR. It appears that Amazon has now responded to Apple’s move by cutting prices on the 4K content it offers through Amazon Video.

Amazon is expected to launch new 4K HDR compatible hardware as well. It stopped selling the Fire TV recently. There are rumors that new Amazon hardware is coming soon with support for 4K and HDR content.

Amazon Video’s 4K content library isn’t as broad as Apple’s. Prices usually started at $30 which made the 4K content quite expensive but they were comparable to services like Google.

However, Apple worked out favorable deals and is selling 4K HDR movies for prices starting at $19.99. Amazon Video has reportedly cut prices on 4K content over the weekend. Some 4K titles are now available for around $5 while newer titles cost between $7 to $19.

This competition works out in favor of the customers who now get to purchase 4K content from Amazon at lower prices. It’s unclear at this point in time when Amazon is planning to launch its new 4K compatible streaming hardware and how much it’s going to charge for it.

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