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NuForce Dia digital amplifier
Those involved in the music and audio industry might want to pay attention to this bit of news – it seems that NuForce has just introduced its Dia digital amplifier, an all-in-one device that will target home audio as well as streaming devices alike. Basically, its very sole reason for existence would be to deliver crystal-clear audio without the complexity of an audio/video receiver, where the NuForce Dia will boast […]

GoldAmp A100 amplifier reeks of bling
Want to make sure that you really stand out from the rest of the crowd, or safe in the knowledge that you are even when nobody else knows? This is where you fork out top dollar for the GoldAmp A100 amplifier, where it will go about magnifying and dispersing sound, albeit coming in a special shape that resembles that of a gold bullion. Talk about bringing a whole new meaning […]

Onkyo TX-NR1009 supports up to nine loudspeakers
Audio specialists, Onkyo, has just introduced the world’s first home theater receiver to feature DTS Neo:X multidimensional audio technology. Implemented in the Onkyo TX-NR1009, DTS Neo:X enables customers to enjoy the luxury of nine loudspeakers while watching their favorite movies or playing their favorite games. Capable out ousting current seven channel systems, a nine channel set up can create a lifelike 3D soundscape in a user’s own home.The Onkyo TX-NR1009 […]

Horn Stand Amplifier made out of silicone
Want a speaker of sorts that will need no batteries of its own, and neither does it suck juice out of the portable media player that is connected to it? Enter the Horn Stand Amplifier, where it is made out of flexible and washable silicone, looking to old-fashioned horn-speakers of yore which saw action on gramophones for its design inspiration. You basically slip this puppy over the iPhone’s speakers in […]


Trembo Trunks amplifies your earbuds without using any power
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to share the music on your iPod with your friends, but the teeny speakers on the device didn’t do the sound much justice? Well, two designers from Sydney, Australia have come up with a solution to the problem. Called the Trembo Trunks, these useful rubber “speakers” help you to amplify sounds coming out of your regular earphone buds wherever you […]

FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp will come with an iPad dock
You know that the Apple iPad is really huge when other hardware manufacturers make sure that devices which they roll out will be able to have some form of connectivity to the iPad. Case in point, Speakercraft’s FloBox, FloBox Mini and Vital amp which will all ship with an iPad dock to get you started right out of the box. Not only that, the Vital amp is also full well […]

Luxurious Devialet D-Premier Amplifier
If you’re looking for a classy looking amplifier for your fancy home, the Devialet D-Premier might be up your street. The most notable feature from the outside is its aluminum body, which sports a removable cover to hide all the inputs, keeping your room design clean and tidy. It can be placed horizontally, or hung on the wall in a vertical position. This amplifier is compatible with a wide range […]

Audio-technica AT-HA35i combo device
Audio-technica recently unveiled its latest combo device known as the Headphones Amp/iPod Dock, going by the model number AT-HA35i. Similar to other amplifiers from Audio-technica, this one comes with a D/A converter that supports high quality sound 192 kHz/24bit audio DAC – in layman’s terms, that’s some really great sounding audio that your ears will love. You can also hook up the AT-HA35i to numerous compatible devices as long as […]