Want a speaker of sorts that will need no batteries of its own, and neither does it suck juice out of the portable media player that is connected to it? Enter the Horn Stand Amplifier, where it is made out of flexible and washable silicone, looking to old-fashioned horn-speakers of yore which saw action on gramophones for its design inspiration. You basically slip this puppy over the iPhone’s speakers in order to channel the sound via the trumpet-shaped tube, where by doing so, it is meant to increase the iPhone’s volume by 13 decibels.


The Horn Stand is quite a bit bulkier than the dbCase solution, but it is able to function in both vertical and horizontal orientations. Since it does not require any juice, it will not drain your previous iPhone’s battery any further. When in place, it ends up covering a fair bit of the iPhone, with the home button included, but at least there is a button available for you to access the home button on the outside, and a hole which lets you access the iPhone’s dock connector.

The Horn Stand Amplifier for iPhone 4 will come in a range of colors where it retails for a highly affordable $5.60.

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