Want to make sure that you really stand out from the rest of the crowd, or safe in the knowledge that you are even when nobody else knows? This is where you fork out top dollar for the GoldAmp A100 amplifier, where it will go about magnifying and dispersing sound, albeit coming in a special shape that resembles that of a gold bullion. Talk about bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘a truly golden musical experience’.


The GoldAMP A100 does not roll off factory lines like most of the other audio visual equipment – no sir this model was meticulously handcrafted by a specialized designer, resulting in a unique shape and appearance. The color of gold isn’t made out of actual gold, but after the creation of a special lacquer which resembles the real deal.

This goes to say that you can’t use the GoldAMP A100 as some form of security or guarantee during difficult times, let alone pawn it off. The price to pay for such a good looking amplifier with a performance to back it up? $48,622 to $ 51,490.

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