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PS4, Xbox 720 Game Prices Could Reach $70 [Analyst]
A few weeks ago, EA executive Blake Jorgensen raised a few eyebrows as he believes the next generation of video games will bring on another rise in costs to make new games cost $69. It seems he isn’t entirely alone in his way of thinking as gaming analyst Michael Pachter also believes a rise in video game prices should also be expected when the next generation of consoles is released.Pachter spoke […]

Android And iOS Capture 91.1% Global Market Share
IDC has released its the latest numbers that it has gathered about the smartphone industry, and they show that Android and iOS have captured a combined 91.1% mobile operating system market share. While we all knew that they both accounted for the large majority of the market, the number remind us how much of an uphill battle it is for competitors like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Ubuntu mobile, Firefox OS and […]

Apple Launching The iPhone 5S In June [Rumor]
How much speculation can a single man spark? Jefferies analyst Peter Misek  (again) seems confident about Apple launching the iPhone 5S by June. According to his predictions, Apple should start production of the iPhone 5S by March to unveil it at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple’s iPhone 5 sales are slowing, but analysts are interpreting the declining sales figures as indication of Apple cutting down on production of […]

Apple to announce $299 iPad Mini in October [Analyst]
iPad Mini rumors have been going on for ages now it seems like, but they have begun to heat up even more with the recent announcement of the Google Nexus 7. Just this morning we heard a rumor about some details on the iPad mini display and price. Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves has added his take on the situation suggesting that a 7.85-inch iPad Mini will make its debut in […]


Analyst predicts iPad 3 to be released in February 2012
Looking forward to Apple’s next-gen iPad? If you are, according to a Citi Group analyst, Richard Gardner, his sources have told him that Apple has plans to release the successor to the iPad 2 some time in February of 2012, a good month earlier than they had originally released their iPad 2. The iPad 3 has also been said to feature a resolution that will doubt that of the iPad […]

Apple's TV to be integrated into 2012's iMac?
According to Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, he seems to think that Apple’s rumored television set will be built into the 2012 refresh of Apple’s all-in-one desktop solution, the iMac. This is based on his belief that instead of creating a brand new product, Apple could instead build off what they already have, i.e. the 27” iMac, and start build up from there by offering larger displays. 

J.P. Morgan analyst says iPhone 5 will be accompanied by an "iPhone 4-plus"
iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, no iPhone this year? To be honest if your head is spinning because of all the contradicting rumors and leaks and news, here’s one more you can add to the list. According to analyst Mark Moskowitz at J.P. Morgan, through the company’s proprietary search, it has been suggested that there will indeed be two new iPhones this year – the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4-plus.

Apple rumored to release iPad 2 Plus this year
2011 looks like the year of the “plus”. While Google has the recently launched Google+ social network, an analyst recently told the International Business Times that Apple might be releasing an iPad 2 refresh later this year, dubbed the “iPad 2 plus”. This new iPad 2 is said to have a higher resolution display (250-300 ppi), an improvement over the iPad 2’s 132-ppi resolution.Like all rumors, remember to take this […]

iPhone 3GS to be the low end iPhone?
Apple never has to announce anything to stay in the spotlight of the news, and this latest rumor stems from an analyst at BMO Capital, Keitch Bachman. Apparently when the next generation iPhone arrives later this year, something interesting is going to happen: Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone 4. According to Bachman, the “low-end” iPhone that Apple will be keeping around is going to be the iPhone 3GS.Is it […]

Motorola Xoom and Atrix sales are disappointing
While it didn’t really take an analyst to point it out, sales of the Motrola Xoom Android tablet and the Atrix 4G phone have been pretty disappointing. Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette recently revised his full-year 2011 revenue estimates for Motorola Mobility from $13.7 billion down to $12.12 billion while his predictions for their 2012 revenue fell from $15.34 billion to $13.62 billion as well. The reasons? Blame the lackluster […]

Android smartphone sales hit the jackpot with 888.8% jump
We’re still in the midst of the Chinese Lunar New Year, where the number 8 is highly significant to those celebrating the occasion. Well, the Android operating system certainly gives something to cheer about for those obsessed with statistics as research firm Gartner measured “sales-out” to buyers, seeing manufacturers ship 67.2 million Android smartphones last year, compared to 6.8 million from the year before – that translates to a cool 184,000 […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate below 2% (Samsung)
A couple of days ago, a Wall Street analyst firm believed that 15% of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets were being returned by customers. This came in the context where Samsung had announced that the Tab did hit the 2 million unit shipped. That 15% number did stir a lot of controversy and quickly spread on the web (as it is often the case). Samsung has replied to this by […]

200 million FaceTime-enabled devices by end of 2012?
Apple’s already doing pretty well with its iPhones and iPads, and now Barclay’s analyst Ben Reitzes expects the fruity company to sell about 50 million FaceTime-compatible iPhones in fiscal 2011, 15 million FaceTime-compatible iPods, 12 million FaceTime-capable Macs and 10 million FaceTime-compatible iPads. If everything goes according to plan, the analyst claims that the installed base will have reached over 200 million devices by the end of fiscal 2012, driven […]

Analysts: Next iPad To Have A Mini USB Port
Goldman Sachs analysts have claimed to have some details of Apple’s next-generation iPad. According to them, the next iPad is expected to have at least one camera, a lighter design, 9.7-inch display, and (surprisingly) a mini USB port. If the speculation is accurate, then this new iPad will begin to ship early in the spring of 2011. While recent reports hint that the 7-inch model is almost ready for prime […]

Analyst: Apple Building 3 Million CDMA iPhones By December
Rumors of a CDMA iPhone just never seem to stop and maybe Apple should just come up with one to make all the rumors stop. Now a Susquehanna analyst claims that Apple will be making 3 million CDMA iPhones in December and after checking with various Asian suppliers, the analyst believes that the fruity company will be able to churn out a juicy 21 million to 22 million iPhones (when […]