According to Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, he seems to think that Apple’s rumored television set will be built into the 2012 refresh of Apple’s all-in-one desktop solution, the iMac. This is based on his belief that instead of creating a brand new product, Apple could instead build off what they already have, i.e. the 27” iMac, and start build up from there by offering larger displays. 

In a way this makes sense as the iMac already syncs with iOS devices and the iCloud, a feature that Steve Jobs reportedly told his biographer that he wanted for an Apple TV, but what do you guys think?

On one hand building a television function into an already existing product saves time coming up with a brand new product from scratch, but what about those people that don’t want an iMac and just want a television instead? After all, how many people would actually be willing to pay close to $2,000 for a computer they didn’t want in the first place just for its television functionality?

Either way if the rumors are to be believed, next year could be when Apple will debut the much rumored about Apple television, so until then we suggest taking this piece of news with a grain of salt.

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