Looking forward to Apple’s next-gen iPad? If you are, according to a Citi Group analyst, Richard Gardner, his sources have told him that Apple has plans to release the successor to the iPad 2 some time in February of 2012, a good month earlier than they had originally released their iPad 2. The iPad 3 has also been said to feature a resolution that will doubt that of the iPad 2.

This appears to break Apple’s schedule of a yearly product refresh, but then again with Apple’s trademark secrecy, it’s really quite hard to tell what their plans are until the company actually comes forward with the information themselves. According to Richard Gardner, it seems the reason behind the earlier release is because there weren’t “any significant technical hurdles remaining”, suggesting that Apple might have figured out everything ahead of schedule.

We’ve seen these analysts make many predictions before in the past, and they’re usually a hit or miss scenario, so we don’t see why this prediction or rumor will come true. However an iPad 3 with a higher resolution is expected especially given how newer tablets in the market are beginning to see better and more vibrant displays, but as to whether it will be released in February? That remains to be seen.

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