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AT&T Releases New Software Update For Galaxy S5 Active
If you are an AT&T subscriber with a Galaxy S5 Active you might want to check your smartphone for a software update. The carrier has rolled out a new update for Galaxy S5 Active. Before you get all excited let me clarify that this isn’t the much awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop update. The carrier has actually released Android 4.4.4 for this device. Those who had their fingers crossed for Lollipop […]

AT&T Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 Update Released
Galaxy S5 owners on AT&T are receiving a new software update today but at no point should they get their hopes up. The carrier hasn’t released Android 5.0 Lollipop even though its about time that it came out with the new software. Instead the AT&T Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 update has been released which brings the device up from its current software version that’s Android 4.4.2. The 487MB update adds […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition Android 4.4.4 Update Released
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition owners on T-Mobile will soon start receiving a software update. There’s no need to get your hopes up. The update will bring Android 4.4.4 KitKat to your tablet, and not what you might have been expecting, which is Android 5.0 Lollipop. Sure enough the roll out of Android 5.0 Lollipop has begun but it is yet to make its way to majority of supported […]

Motorola Droid Turbo: First impressions
Internet leaks spoil everything these days. If you’re a smartphone geek, that’s great because you always know what’s on the horizon before products are announced. However, it does take some of the surprise out of the actual product reveals.We can’t say we didn’t already know a few things about the Droid Turbo before today. That said, we finally got to play with Motorola’s new Verizon exclusive device. Our quick take […]


Verizon HTC One (M8) Android 4.4.4 Update Brings Eye Experience
HTC introduced “Eye Experience” at its Double Exposure event a few weeks back and it did promise that these new camera features will make their way to some existing devices through a software update. One such update has already been released for the T-Mobile HTC One (M8) and today it is Verizon HTC One (M8)’s turn. The device has received Android 4.4.4 update which includes everything that comes part and […]

T-Mobile HTC One (M8) Receives Android 4.4.4 Update With Eye Experience
We reported yesterday that T-Mobile will soon release a software update for its HTC One (M8) variant and today the carrier has rolled out Android 4.4.4. Apart from bringing everything that comes as part and parcel of Android 4.4.4 this particular update brings camera features exclusive to HTC’s Android flagship. Called the “Eye Experience,” several new camera features have been added to the device through this update.

Android 4.4.4 Roadmap For Several Samsung Galaxy Devices Leaked
Tomorrow Google is expected to formally announce the future of Android and finally give us a confirmed release date for Android L. Even if that happens tomorrow it will take a considerable amount of time before this update makes it to existing devices that are supported by Android L. For now many users are simply concerned with when Android 4.4.4 will make their way to their devices. Today a purported […]

Sprint Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 Update Released
We have seen Samsung rapidly roll out the Android 4.4.4 update for some of its devices and today it appears to be the Sprint Galaxy S5’s turn. The update was released this morning and it should start making its way to the CDMA edition of Samsung’s flagship smartphone shortly. The Sprint Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 update is incremental and it brings a host of important bug fixes and security improvements, apart […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Gets Android 4.4.4 Update At Last
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is truly a breakout smartphone, and it seems that as the former flagship ages with the passing passage of time, there is less and less attention heaped on it by Samsung. While we hear of the South Korean E210S model of the Samsung Galaxy S3 picking up an Android 4.4.4 KitKat update recently, it seems as though the i9300 variant, which is the international model, has […]

Moto G (2014) Review
The Moto G (2013) is Motorola’s best-selling smartphone to date despite its budget status and specs. How do you improve on the top selling device if you’re Motorola? It would appear, you keep the same outstanding $179.99 unlocked device pricing, same internal hardware and improve on the features people want: a bigger screen, better audio, better camera, and toss in a microSD card slot for storage expansion.If history repeats itself, […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.4 Update Has Been Released
Those who own a carrier locked Samsung device in the U.S. have been waiting patiently for Android 4.4.4. This software update was released a couple of months back by Google. While it doesn’t bring any major changes the update does include some important security fixes that will go a long way in ensuring users’ safety. Carriers in the U.S. have now started to roll out Android 4.4.4 for certain Galaxy […]

Motorola Moto G (2nd gen): First impressions
The Moto G is the Moto X’s little brother. It’s a good-enough smartphone that’s cheaper than the Moto X, just like a kid brother who’s aspiring to be like his older brother. Along with the All New Moto X (2nd gen), Motorola also announced another a new little brother, the Moto G (2nd gen).It’s no secret the Moto G has been a huge hit, especially in developing countries; it is […]

New Motorola Moto X (2014): First impressions
The Moto X was supposed to be the iPhone’s ultimate match. It was hailed as the best Google smartphone that wasn’t Nexus-branded. It was so close to replacing the Nexus that it was a shock to the world when Google revealed it was selling the company it paid $12.5 billion for in 2012 off to Lenovo for $3 billion earlier this year. Even Google couldn’t make Motorola a winner.With tutelage […]

Sprint Moto X Android 4.4.4 Update Released
While we might be focused on the upcoming launch of Moto X+1, let us not forget that the original Moto X is one of Motorola’s best selling smartphones from 2013. Not only does it have impressive specifications but its relatively competitive price tag makes it a compelling option for prospective customers. Good news today for those who own this device on the no.3 carrier in the U.S. Sprint Moto X Android […]