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Android 8.0 Oreo Is Now Official
Google has been teasing that they will officially announce the next major build of Android during the eclipse, and a leaked image from yesterday seemed to have confirmed that the next Android build will be known as Oreo. For those who are wondering, wonder no more as Google has officially taken the wraps of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android 8.0 Oreo Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked Image
Google is expected to officially unveil Android 8.0 O very soon. The next major update to Android was actually announced earlier this year and has been in developer preview for a while now, but recently Google started to tease the official unveiling where we can expect to learn the name of the platform and also potentially confirmed its release date.

Android O Expected To Be Released On August 21
With all the fancy new features and changes that Google will be bringing to Android O, we’re sure many Android owners are looking forward to its release. However there is no official word on when the update will be available, but we could be getting close as Google has launched a special website dedicated to the eclipse that teases Android O’s release.

HTC U11 To Get Bluetooth 5.0 With Android O Update
Recently there were reports to suggest that the HTC U11 could be getting an update to its firmware that would give the phone Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. It turns out the rumors were true after all because HTC has since confirmed this themselves in a post on their website, where they promised that Bluetooth 5.0 functionality would be coming to the phone.


Android O Official Name May Be Confirmed On Solar Eclipse Day
Google may have opted for a momentous day to confirm the official dessert moniker of its next major Android update. The company has a habit of naming its major Android releases after desserts. The current iteration was called Android N in development and ultimately ended up being called Nougat. The upcoming iteration has been referred to as Android O throughout its beta and it’s unclear what Google will choose as […]

Android O Will Be Last Major Update For OnePlus 3, 3T
At the rate phones are being released, it is safe to say that companies tend to stretch themselves too thin which is when when it comes to Android updates, many companies pick and choose which devices they want to focus on, and more often than not after a couple of years, you can kiss goodbye to said updates.

Android O Official Release Expected Next Week
Google recently sent out the final developer preview of Android O, the next major Android release, which meant that work on the public version has been completed. The final beta is usually a build of the public version that’s seeded to developers so that they can test it out before the company releases it to millions of users across the globe. According to a new report, Google might finally release […]

Final Android O Beta Released Ahead Of Public Launch
Google is almost done getting the first public release build of the next major Android platform release ready. The company today shipped the final Android O developer beta ahead of the official launch that’s due to take place in a couple of months from now. The final developer build is normally a test run which allows the company to test out all of the features that it’s going to include […]

Google May Release Always On Display Mode For Pixel Phones
Even though the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have OLED displays, the company decided not to offer an ambient display mode with these handsets. Perhaps you’re familiar with the Always On Display on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. It’s essentially the same thing. It boggles the mind why Google wouldn’t enable this feature right out of the gate but it appears that the company is working on this […]

OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T To Get Android O This Year
The benefits to being a smaller company with few products in its portfolio is that OnePlus gets to concentrate more and pour more resources and efforts into products that they do have. This also means that unlike bigger companies like Samsung, OnePlus only has a few devices that needs updating, which is why both the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T received the Android Nougat update last year relatively earlier than […]

Google Chrome Gets Picture-In-Picture Video Support In Android O
Given that due to the way our phones are built physically, its software also needs to be configured in such a way that works with the way it has been designed. This also means that in some instances, what we can do on a computer might not necessarily be able to be replicated on our smartphones.

Android O Officially Confirmed To Be Version 8.0
Android O’s developer preview has been out for a while now and has been available to those who are interested in taking it for a spin, although so far it has been unclear as to which version Android O is supposed to represent. Logically it would go up a version number from 7.0 to 8.0, although in the past we have seen Google go a different route, like Android 4.4 […]

Android O For Google Pixel Rumored For Early August
It is widely (and correctly) assumed that Google’s Pixel handsets will be getting the update to the latest version of Android, which is Android O. However the question is when will the phones receive the update? Many are speculating towards the later part of the year, but it seems that it could be slightly earlier.

Android O For OnePlus 3 And OnePlus 3T Confirmed
OnePlus fans are anxiously waiting for more information about the company’s next flagship smartphone. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has provided a bit of information today which concerns the company’s existing handsets. Lau has confirmed that the next major Android release, currently referred to as Android O, will be coming to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T when it finally goes live later this year.

Android System Updates Can Soon Be Paused
Whenever you perform a system update, it is usually advised that you ensure your phone has enough battery and you have a stable enough connection so that the download doesn’t get interrupted. However once the update is downloading, there’s really nothing you do about it which can sometimes prove to be inconvenient.

Your Phone’s Graphic Drivers Can Soon Be Updated From The Play Store
In case you didn’t know, your phone has a GPU built into it which helps to handle more intensive tasks like games, movies, and so on. Now updating the drivers on your phone isn’t really something many of us think about, unlike computers where we sometimes get prompted by manufacturers.

Android O Could Be Getting Support For Custom Themes
If custom themes are something you want on Android, there are apps out there that can theme your phone for you, although more extensive themes with system tweaks might require a rooted device. However it seems that Google is finally about to introduce custom themes to Android, making it easier for users to switch around.

HTC U11 Confirmed To Receive At Least Two Major Android Updates
The problem with Android phones is that because sometimes OEMs aren’t clear with their update schedules that it can feel like older devices are being ignored. However if you’re thinking of a new phone and you’re thinking about the future, the HTC U11 could be worth your consideration.

Android Pay Not Working With Android O Beta
If there is ever a reason not to use beta software, it is that sometimes certain features don’t always work as intended, or some features haven’t been enabled yet. The recent Android O beta is a good example because according to reports, it seems that there are some users with the beta who are reporting that Android Pay isn’t working with the Android O beta.

Google Says Android O Will Cut Reboot Times In Half
There are many things that make a smartphone OS good to use, such as its user interface, overall design, features, accessibility, conveniences, and of course speed, which while can be hardware dependent, has also got to do with optimizing the software for hardware. This is something that Google will be addressing with Android O.