Google may have opted for a momentous day to confirm the official dessert moniker of its next major Android update. The company has a habit of naming its major Android releases after desserts. The current iteration was called Android N in development and ultimately ended up being called Nougat. The upcoming iteration has been referred to as Android O throughout its beta and it’s unclear what Google will choose as the official moniker. According to a new report, Google might confirm the official Android O name on solar eclipse day.

According to the report, Google is going to confirm the official Android O name on August 21. That’s when the solar eclipse is going to take place so it’s going to be a very exciting day as it is.

It’s also claimed in the report that Google is planning a whole spectacle surrounding the reveal so it’s probably going to play up on the solar eclipse hype as it ultimately reveals the final dessert moniker of Android O.

August 21 is a total solar eclipse day in the United States. It was last witnessed in the country over a century ago so it’s going to be an exciting day for many people.

What Android O will be officially called is anybody’s guess right now, but previous reports suggest that Google might end up calling it “Oreo.”

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