In case you didn’t know, your phone has a GPU built into it which helps to handle more intensive tasks like games, movies, and so on. Now updating the drivers on your phone isn’t really something many of us think about, unlike computers where we sometimes get prompted by manufacturers.

However with Android O, it seems that Google is going to make it a bit more obvious. During Google’s Android Fireside Chat help at Google I/O 2017, it seems that one of the features that users can expect in Android O is that your phone’s GPU’s drivers can be updated from the Play Store, which makes it a one-stop shop for app downloads, updates, and now GPU driver updates as well.

However whether or not OEMs or chipset manufacturers plan on taking advantage of this feature remains to seen. It is also unclear as to how exactly this will work or how it might present itself, but Android Police is suggesting that this could be part of Google’s Project Treble whose aim is to try and push out Android updates faster.

In any case it sounds rather interesting, although we guess for the most part the average user might not care too much about it or even notice it.

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