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New Android One Handsets Announced For Philippines
Budget Android and Windows Phone handsets have been doing well from what we can tell, like the Moto G and the Lumia 520, for example, which is why Google has decided to get in on the action with the launch of Android One handsets which are basically less powerful Android handsets but good enough to get the job done, and also a great way to target emerging markets.Now we have […]

Google Will Reportedly Make Data Usage Free For Some Apps On Android One
Google’s Android One initiative was announced last year. Its aimed at bringing Android smartphones to the very low end of the smartphone market in emerging countries, with the promise of swift software updates straight from Google instead of OEMs and carriers. As per a new report Google’s next move to expand Android One will make data use free for some apps on Android One devices.

Lollipop Update For Android One Handsets Coming Soon
The Android One initiative was announced by Google last year. Under this program the company has teamed up with several manufacturers in emerging markets like India to provide customers with cheap devices that run Android. Swift updates to the latest software were promised for Android One devices and that promise is being kept. Over the next few weeks the Lollipop update for Android One devices will hit the airwaves.

Android 5.1 Lollipop Spotted On An Android One Device
As it stands, the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop is at version 5.0.2. So far the differences in the versions were basically bug fixes and various improvements, nothing too major, but could Android 5.1 Lollipop be around the corner? According to the folks at Android Police, they have gotten their hands on images of an Android One handset that is running Android 5.1 over in Indonesia.Unfortunately at the moment […]


CyanogenMod Officially Available For Android One Devices
When Google announced their plans for Android One, it was revealed that these devices could hardly be considered high-end. In fact if anything these devices are very low-end devices meant for emerging markets where budgets might be tight. While this means that you probably won’t be expecting amazing hardware, it doesn’t mean that on the software front you can’t have fun either.The good news for those who have bought Android […]

Second Wave Of Android One Devices Could Arrive Q1 2015 [Rumor]
Earlier this year Google announced that they would be releasing an Android One series of handsets. These are devices designed for emerging markets that will come with affordable price tags and will feature reference designs so that OEMs looking to produce such a handset can easily hop on board the Android One bandwagon.Now several Android One handsets have since been released and it looks like we can expect a second […]

Karbonn Sparkle V To Hit Europe
When it comes to Android One powered smartphones, those used to be launched in India across several smartphones, and it seems that the Android One bandwagon is about to cross over to Europe – in the U.K. in fact, with Indian handset manufacturer Karbonn having introduced the Karbonn Sparkle V in that part of the world.

Android One Devices To Obtain Lollipop Update Next Month
While Android One devices which currently run on stock Android are said to obtain quick updates to the most recent version of Android, ala Android 5.0 Lollipop, it would look as though the Nexus range does seem to be deemed as “royalty” by Google. As the different kinds of Nexus devices have begun to receive the new software over-the-air, not much is heard about updates for Android One devices. Spice […]

Android One Phones Get Rooted
Google’s brand of Nexus handsets do stand out from the majority of the other Android-powered devices out there in the market because they do have the tendency of being developer-friendly. If you would want to unlock the bootloader, it is more or less as easy as plugging in a USB cable, before one enables USB debugging, before issuing a command on your PC via the Android SDK or at least […]

Second Wave Of Android One Phones Arriving ‘Soon’
Google’s first batch of Android One-powered handsets were announced over in India some time in the middle of this month, where there are three particular models which one is able to choose from – the Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498, and Micromax Canvas A1. Not much of a choice if you are looking for something that is futuristic and will be able to please the crowd […]

MediaTek: Up To 2 Million Android One Handsets Sold This Year
MediaTek, a name that is familiar among smartphone enthusiasts, has shown that they are pretty much optimistic with the initial response over in India to the trio of Android One handsets that were launched in the world’s second most populous country earlier this Tuesday, with the Spice Dream UNO possibly being the first of the trio fo be made available. In fact, MediaTek claims that we could probably be looking […]

Android One Officially Announced In India With Three New Devices
While there are plenty of affordable Android smartphones around, if you were hoping for phones that would be event cheaper and would have Google’s backing and blessing, Android One is probably what you’re after. The initiative was announced earlier this year during Google I/O 2014 and true to Google’s word, it looks like Google’s Android One devices have been officially launched.The event has kicked off in India where the initiative […]

Spice Dream UNO Could Be First Android One Smartphone
Google is tipped to carry out an event in India later this week, the country with the world’s second largest population, and it is rumored that the Internet search giant could very well roll out the first of its Android One-powered smartphones to the world. So far, we do know that the more obscure handset manufacturers (relatively speaking, of course) will include the likes of Spice, Micromax, and Karbonn, and […]

Android One Smartphones Expected At September 15th Event
At Google I/O earlier this year the company introduced a new program that it calls Android One. The idea here is to aid manufacturers who want to develop low cost Android smartphones based on hardware designs that Google has come up with. Ultimately the aim is to produce quality Android smartphones that are light on the pocket. The first crop of Android One smartphones may be unveiled at an event […]

Android One Devices Could Be Launched Earlier And More Expensive Than Expected
A couple of months ago, Google announced during Google I/O that they had plans for an Android One series of smartphones, which is basically Google’s way of creating affordable handsets designed to capture emerging markets. Google would be providing the reference design and companies who are interested can just start producing them right away.Now the specs of such devices are obviously nothing to shout about, but according to Google one […]

Alleged Micromax Android One Model Specs Leaked
Remember how we brought you word on the Android One program during Google I/O 2014 last month? Well, that program is set to begin in India, which so happens to be the world’s second most populous country, prior to other spots around the globe. One of the earlier smartphones that will fall under the Android One program would be a handset from Micromax that was shown on stage, where it […]

Android One Will Be Powered By MediaTek Chipset [Rumor]
During Google I/O, Google announced the Android One. For those unfamiliar with Android One, it is basically a hardware reference design by Google that will allow manufacturers to create affordable Android handsets for markets where high-end smartphones are pretty much out of reach for the masses.Companies such as Micromax, Karbonn Mobile, and Spice Mobile are said to be getting in on the program where they will manufacture Android One devices […]

Android One Announced
[Google I/O 2014] While those of us living in cities might think it to be rather strange that the rest of the world seems to be missing out on a smartphone, it is widely estimated that more than 80% of the rest of the world does not use a smartphone, and this is one thing that Google intends to rectify. For sure the prohibitively high price tags of medium range […]