Motorola One And One Power Mid-Range Handsets Launched

There have been quite a few leaks over the past few months suggesting that Motorola would soon launch a couple of new handsets. It has done just that at IFA 2018 in Berlin. The company has announced the launch of its Motorola One and Motorola One Power handsets. They’re mid-range devices powered by Android.

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi reportedly had two Android One smartphones in the pipeline and the company today unveiled both of them. The Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are now official. As they are part of the Android One program, the devices will provide a stock Android 8.1 experience. Since many customers prefer a stock Android experience, the company might see considerable interest in these handsets.

Nokia To Only Ship Android One Devices From Nokia 3 And Up

The second coming of Nokia under HMD Global has been impressive. The Finnish company has been making devices under the iconic Nokia brand that the handsets have performed relatively well in the market. New Nokia handsets were expected to be unveiled at MWC 2018 in Barcelona this week. Not only has the company unveiled new devices, it has also confirmed that it’s teaming up with Google to use Android One […]

Moto X4 With Android One Replacing Nexus 5X On Project Fi

Last year it was reported that Google had stopped replacing Nexus 5X units on Project Fi. This means that users who had a damaged unit and wanted to replace it were no longer able to do so. Instead it seems that affected users were simply given $100 in Google Store Credit that they could use to purchase something else.


Android 8.0 Rolling Out To Moto X4 Android One Edition

If you are the owner of the Moto X4 Android One, you might be interested to learn that it seems that the Android 8.0 Oreo update is now rolling out to the handset. Note that this is for the Android One version of the phone, which means that if you purchased the other version that comes with a slightly tweaked version of Android, you’ll probably have to wait for the […]

HTC U11 Life Joins Google’s Android One Program

There have been quite a lot of reports recently about the HTC U11 Life and Google has announced today that the handset is joining its Android One program. It’s the program that Google launched to work with OEMs and provide customers with smartphones that have decent specifications and run stock iterations of Android. HTC U11 Life is now the latest addition to the growing list of Android One devices.

Alleged HTC U11 Life Specs Leaked

Recently we have been hearing rumors that HTC could have an Android One handset in the works called the HTC U11 Life, which based on the name would be a variant of the HTC U11 flagship smartphone. Now in a recent tweet by Android developer LlabTooFeR, the alleged specs of the handset have been leaked.

Xiaomi Launches The Most Powerful Android One Smartphone

Google unveiled its Android One program a couple of years ago. The idea was to increase Android’s reach in emerging markets by partnering with OEMs to create affordable mid-range devices that run on stock Android. Google has now teamed up with Xiaomi on a new Android One handset. It happens to be the most powerful Android One smartphone on the market today.

Google And Xiaomi Could Be Working On A New Android One Handset

While the developed world has access to powerful handsets like Google’s Nexus and Pixel lineup, unfortunately the prices of these devices keeps them out of reach for customers in emerging markets, which is why Google has created its Android One series of smartphones designed to bring the Android experience in a more affordable package.

Android One Handsets Could Be Coming To The US

Google’s Android One handsets have typically been aimed at emerging markets. The idea is to provide customers who are on tight budgets with an Android smartphone that has an affordable price tag, no bloatware, as well as access to timely updates. In a way you could almost think of Android One handsets as the a Nexus/Pixel phone.

Sharp Launches The Aquos 507SH Android One Smartphone

One of the ways that Google has tried to make Android appeal to emerging markets is by launching the Android One initiative. In a way you could think of Android One devices as low-end Nexus handsets aimed at customers on a very tight budget. So far we’ve seen such devices launch in markets like India.

Google Wants To Reboot Android One Program

You know what they say – if at first you do not succeed, try again. And again, ad infinitum. After all, there is no shame at all in trying, is there? Google initially tried to make their way into the world’s largest democracy’s phone market with the launch of the Android One range of smartphones in June last year, but it did seem as though this particular initiative did not […]

Android One Handsets Get Marshmallow Update

Better late than never, or so the saying goes. Well, it seems that the long awaited rollout of Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates when it comes to the Nexus range of devices has kicked off slowly, albeit surely in the Over The Air (OTA) manner as of yesterday. While most of these Nexus devices happen to be high end models in their own right at the moment or in the past, […]

Google To Focus On $50 Android One Smartphones

Google’s Android One plan is all about bringing Android to markets where purchasing power for new smartphones is not that high, with the program the company partners with OEMs to create very competitively priced smartphones that run on its mobile platform. Google managing director for Southeast Asia Rajan Anandan says that the company is going to unveil a new plan for Android One in the next few weeks, this time around it’s aiming […]